Auburn Hills Home Improvement Stores

Home Depot
4150 Joslyn Rd, Auburn Hills, MI
Home Depot is of course the easy go-to when it comes to all your home improvement needs in the Auburn Hills area and beyond. Metro Detroit Tree Service customers know this and that’s why we recommend it to them all the time, and we also personally rely on them heavily for equipment and other items when we’re working on tree projects in your area. This Auburn Hills Home Depot location is beyond excellent, with the kind of staff that you’d think would take a decade to assemble. They really go out of their way to make sure that you have everything that you need for your project, whether big or small. And the store is so conveniently laid out with everything so easy to find. Lumber, plumbing, tools, hardware, paint, doors, windows, tile, you name it, you’ll find it easily and at a low price! A top recommendation.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3271 South Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI
Ace Hardware always offers up convenient locations and wonderful hardware stores, but the Great Lakes family of Ace Hardware stores are a particular favorite of Metro Detroit Tree Service. They have just treated us like family over the years at all of the different locations throughout the Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan area, and that’s why we feel so comfortable recommending them to you. If you’re located in the Auburn Hills portion of Metro Detroit Tree Service’s service area, then this Great Lakes Ace Hardware location is definitely the one for you to choose. It’s conveniently located, the prices are fantastic, and the service is just out of this world. And of course, everything is always in stock and priced so affordably! Two things that are absolutely key for a successful home improvement or hardware store. They’re known for their great selection of tools here. Absolutely amazing staff.

3271 South Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI
We feel very similarly about ACO as we do about the previous mention, Ace. These are chain stores that are independently run, and they really offer that level of old fashioned quality that you dream of when you’re thinking of the ideal hardware store. When our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in Auburn Hills are looking for a fast and friendly hardware shopping experience, we refer them straight to ACO on South Blvd. They get nothing but praise from everyone that we know, and we have personally relied on them for equipment and hardware on multiple locations, and we were always treated like good friends or family. That matters more to some than to others, but all we can say is that we definitely appreciate it, and they wouldn’t make this list if they weren’t so kind and attentive. Everything’s always in stock.

Church’s Lumber Yards
70 S Grey Rd, Auburn Hills, MI
Church’s Lumber Yards perhaps does more business with local contractors in the Auburn Hills area, but they also work with residential customers like you, and if you’re a Metro Detroit Tree Service customer who is building something special and you want the best lumber around, Church’s Lumber Yards is definitely the place we’d recommend to you. Their hours are incredibly generous for a lumber yard, open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm most days, but closed on the weekends. The middle of the day is definitely the busiest time here, so if you want to beat the crowds and have the full attention of the staff, head out there earlier in the morning. The specialty lumber that they stock here is just outstanding, and you will not believe the reasonable prices. A top Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation!