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Welcome to Metro Detroit Tree Service! We're the premier choice for tree services in Auburn Hills, MI, and beyond! We're the ones to call whenever you need anything related to tree trimming, tree removal service, tree pruning, tree care, and even stump grinding. Across the board, we're the ones who can take care of it all in one go. Our professional tree service is ideal for residential and commercial properties in Oakland County. Just call us up for a free estimate, schedule your appointment, and soon your vision will be realized when it comes to having the most beautiful trees and shrubs in the neighborhood. We're here for emergency services 24/7 as well, so keep our number on hand when the storms blow through, and we'll come and take care of those damages in no time. Our broad experience managing trees like oak trees will save you money and time!

Tree Trimming

We are a locally-owned tree service company fully committed to the tree's appearance and safety. Not only do we provide trimming services, but we also take care of overgrown shrubs as well. Whatever is keeping you from having the most perfect trees and shrubs on the block, let us tend to them! With our tree care service, you will have the most beautiful and safe trees in Southeast Michigan.

Tree Pruning

We don't just take care of that routine trimming but also pruning, beautification, and preservation. If you've got outstanding trees and shrubs that have survived many generations, you want to trust those to only some. We can be your go-to tree service to keep your trees healthy! Our experts have got you covered.

Tree stump Grinding

Many customers call after a DIY tree removal project, wanting to know if we can provide clean up and stump grinding services. Of course, we can! And we can also include stump grinding on any tree removals we do for you. If you are in Rochester Hills and surrounding cities, our tree service company is here to help. We have the latest equipment and techniques to get rid of the stumps left by downed trees. Removing the stumps left by large trees can be difficult and dangerous, but our tree service has everything needed to do an efficient job.

Tree Service

Our tree service company offers all of the above and then some! The things we've mentioned here are our most frequently requested services, but we assure you that we can take care of anything tree related for you, even if other tree service companies have turned you away. Our full tree care service is what your yard needs to stay healthy, beautiful, and safe through the years. We understand how important it is for you to have a good-looking yard, so we take our job seriously. Hire our tree service in West Bloomfield, Sterling Heights, Lake Orion, Walled Lake, White Lake, Rochester Hills, and other cities! We are ready to provide the best tree care service possible.

Rely on our tree service in White Lake, MI

While most of our business is hard physical labor, we need genuinely excellent customer service to have that work to do! We deliver the most consistently friendly customer service you'll ever experience, with an office staff and tree services that treat you like family from start to finish. It should be a joy to call us and work out the details of your Lake Orion tree service, and we work hard to ensure that it's that way. You can reach out to us anytime via phone or email for a free estimate and information, as well as for emergency services at any time of day, any day of the year. We're always here to take care of your needs, and look forward to hearing from you.

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