Tree Trimming

Though many of our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers call for emergency tree removal and other urgent services, we also have a large number of customers who call us out on a semi-regular and sometimes one-time basis for our tree trimming services. Some customers have us come out yearly to trim off any new growth and keep their trees looking pristine. Others call after many years of never trimming their trees, when they need almost a complete overhaul to curtail out-of-control growth that threatens the life of the tree and the look of their yard! In either case, our expert tree trimmers are the best equipped to handle your trees. With more than two dozen years of combined experience, there are no other Metro Detroit tree service companies that you should trust but us!

From beginning to end, Metro Detroit Tree Services handles all your tree trimming needs ourselves. Where other companies send out subcontractors to do the dirty work, we send in our crew to take care of the estimate, the trimming, and any removal or stump grinding too, plus clean up. We leave absolutely nothing on your property unless you request that we leave the wood for you. No messes to clean up, no sloppy crews to look after. We are true professionals and the proof is in our work. We'll be happy to provide you with as many references as you need to verify this, and we'll also be happy to provide you with copies of our licenses and insurance papers so that you know you are completely safe and in good hands.

In many cases we are able to send out our crew within 24 hours to take care of your tree trimming needs, so if you're in need of services in a hurry, just let us know! We don't care if you need a Livonia Tree Service, Royal Oak Tree Service, or Metro Detroit Tree Service, we've got your back. If your needs aren't so immediate, that's OK too. We'll come out at a time and date that is most convenient for you. You can schedule your yearly services well in advance too, so that you don't have to worry about it when the time comes. We'll do anything in our power to make the tree maintenance process as worry-free for you as possible, so whether you're dealing with an heirloom tree that you adore, or a nuisance of a tree that you maintain only because you have to, we will keep it in perfect condition, or restore it if it's fallen out of condition in recent years.

To find out more about our tree trimming services, all you've got to do is give us a quick call or send us an email. We've put our email address and phone number at the top of every page of our website for your convenience, so no matter where you are in the browsing process, you can always reach us. Feel free to take notes and ask as many questions as you like, or just leave all of the details to us. No matter what your needs are, we will find a way to make your vision for your trees a reality.

Again, we service both residential and commercial customers, so please, just give us a call if you have any tree trimming needs now or in the near future.