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We're the number one tree service company in the Belleville area, serving our customers with the highest quality customer service and physical labor around. We can take care of anything you need, from tree trimming, tree removal service, tree pruning, and even stump grinding. We're a full-service company that can do it all from start to finish, providing you with that comprehensive tree and shrub service you seek. That includes emergency services, so when a storm blows through, or a limb unexpectedly falls or threatens to fall on your property, we're the ones that you can call 24/7 to come out and get that taken care of right away with no delay. Our tree care company is committed to customer satisfaction on each and every job. We take pride in our newer modern equipment and professional arborists. For all your tree-related issues in Southeast Michigan, count on Metro Detroit Tree Service!

Belleville Tree Trimming

Our comprehensive tree trimming service will help you have beautiful and healthy trees. From overgrown shrubs to large old trees with dangerous heavy limbs threatening to fall on your driveway or home, we can provide you with affordable and quick solutions. We trim trees with the appropriate techniques according to the tree and the time of the year. Free estimates and fast service can be yours today! We guarantee an excellent job; you will immediately see the difference in your yard.

Belleville Tree Pruning

Beyond routine maintenance, we also provide expert pruning services, including beautification and preservation. Your property's gorgeous and historic trees and shrubs should only be entrusted to the best of the best. We are sure you will hire our tree services for a second time. Our experts have you covered in Belleville, MI, and surrounding areas.

Belleville Stump Grinding

After removing a dangerous or dead tree, dealing with the stump left is important. If you're a DIY tree servicer, you may have discovered that removing the stump is an incredibly difficult job. We provide stump grinding services for you, and of course, we can also include that in any tree removal or brush removal.

Belleville Tree Service

The above services are our most frequently requested, but we can do anything that you need related to trees and shrubs. Even if other local companies have turned you down, our crew will be able to take care of those unique projects. We offer comprehensive tree trimming, bush trimming, brush removal, and tree removal services. You can also count on our professional lawn services to keep your trees healthy and promote their growth. Our tree service company is everything you need to have the yard of your dreams! We serve Belleville, MI, and surrounding cities like Farmington Hills, Garden City, Detroit, Canton, and more!

We're the best Belleville area tree service company, but beyond what we do in the field for you, we also strive to offer you the best possible customer service. That means when you call us to discuss your projects and get a free estimate, it'll be a joy speaking with our customer service reps. Equally important, when our tree services come to take care of your property, they will greet you with a warm smile and ensure all your concerns are addressed. We want you to feel like family when dealing with us and even to recommend us to others you know who need our services. Much of our new business is acquired by word of mouth. Advertisement isn't necessary when you do an outstanding job that earns recommendations! Contact us for a free estimate.

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