Beverly Hills Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Beverly Hills' full service tree maintenance!
When you're seeking the finest quality tree services in Beverly Hills, give us a call! We're the top Beverly Hills tree service company, serving this area and beyond. If you need Beverly Hills tree trimming, Beverly Hills tree removal service, Beverly Hills tree pruning, or Beverly Hills stump grinding, our crew has got you covered. And it's not just trees! We also take care of your beautiful shrubs, either returning them to a state of flourishing or keeping them preserved in their current beauty! We do general maintenance and beautification alike, and we're also available for emergency services around the clock. When stormy weather causes broken tree limbs and property damage, we're the ones to call 24/7, any day of the year.

Beverly Hills Tree Trimming: As we mentioned above, we take care of both tree trimming and shrub trimming, keeping all of the green growth on your property looking as lush and healthy as possible. Our solutions are affordable and prompt!

Beverly Hills Tree Pruning: There's general trimming and then there's pruning and beautification, and we've got you covered on both fronts. You want to preserve your old trees and shrubs in the most beautiful states possible. Don't trust your historic gardens to just anyone.

Beverly Hills Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is not a job for the amateur, and you may have discovered this after a DIY tree removal on your property! If so, you should know that we can come out and easily take care of that Beverly Hills stump grinding for you. We can also include this service on any of our tree removals.

Beverly Hills Tree Service: Do you have a need that isn't mentioned above? Those are merely our most frequently requested services. If other local companies have turned you down for more creative or difficult projects, know that we're here for you!

All those services form the backbone of our business, but the part that matters the most is the heart! For us, the heart of this business is customer service. We want to offer you a warm and friendly welcome when you call us, straight on through the delivery of the services that you order. Both our customer service agents and our tree servicers know that a friendly smile goes a long way, and our priority is always to make you feel like a good friend and not just a customer! Our focus is always on serving your needs and ensuring that your concerns are addressed. We're looking forward to hearing from you so we can provide you with a free, zero obligation price quote and move forward on your projects!

If you're a DIY tree servicer in Beverly Hills and you need some resources for your personal tree service equipment, the stores and establishments listed below are our top recommendations locally. They take good care of us when we need something quickly while on the go out in the field, and we know they will take great care of you too. You'll certainly want to check out these places for all your DIY tree service equipment needs.

Beverly Hills Ace Hardware
17670 W 13 Mile Rd, Beverly Hills, MI
All the Ace hardware locations are always an excellent choice for any of your home improvement needs, but if you live in the Beverly Hills area, Metro Detroit Tree Service will always steer you to the Beverly Hills Ace Hardware location first! These guys are true professionals, very old fashioned service, the kind that you thought you couldn’t find anywhere anymore. They keep an incredible stock of household tools and hardware items, everything from the more obscure stuff to fix older items in your home to the most modern pieces that you need for the newest appliances and items in your home. It’s very conveniently located at The Corners Shopping Center, so it’s an easy stop before or after work, or just in the middle of your day working on things around the house, and you can stop into the other stores for some quick shopping too!

28650 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI
Lowe’s is always an easy go-to for any home improvement related projects, and this one that’s so conveniently located in the Tel-Twelve Mall is a fast choice for our Beverly Hills area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. We’ve often said that Lowe’s is more of a DIY-er’s paradise versus Home Depot, which is more of a contractor’s haven. But both offer high quality goods at reasonable prices, and an incredible array of items in stock that rival any other hardware store out there. There’s a big difference between a home improvement retailer and a hardware store, and that’s what you’ll discover if it’s your first time walking into Lowe’s. These guys are big, they are well stocked, and they know their stuff. No matter how obscure of an item you’re looking for, you can be sure that Lowe’s will have it for you. Nice.

Home Depot
29801 Southfield Rd, Southfield, MI
As we said above, we at Metro Detroit Tree Service feel that Home Depot is a little more geared toward contractors like us, rather than residential customers like you, but there are millions of residential shoppers who go there daily proving us wrong on that! But they are in fact a super professional establishment that deserves their title as the world’s largest home improvement retailer. The fact that you can get the highest quality appliances and tools here is just the tip of the iceberg. We are big fans of their truck rentals and we consider that a major perk. They also have excellent lighting, lumber, and gardening departments. The associates are well versed in the items that they sell, and they’re helpful when you have a question about a project you are working on too. Conveniently located for our Beverly Hills area customers.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
29201 Greenfield Rd, Southfield, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware is a little bit further away, but still conveniently close for our Beverly Hills area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers, in nearby Southfield. We’re such huge fans of the Great Lakes family of Ace stores that we couldn’t bear to leave it off our list of recommendations. We’ve relied on this particular location many times when we’re serving customers in the Beverly Hills area. They are known for being an excellent chain retailer that is usually independently owned or family run, and that’s what we like best about it. Their awesome selection of tools and hardware is of course the major perk, but their knowledge on those items is also an essential, and that knowledge is something that they are just packed with here. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions and rely on their advice. Highly recommended.