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Welcome to our tree services in the Bloomfield Hills area! Thank you for considering us for your Bloomfield tree service needs. We're here to take care of everything you need regarding tree trimming, tree removal, tree care service, and even stump removal. Why go to multiple companies for these things when you can choose a full-service company like us? We take care of general maintenance, of course, but also specialized pruning on a schedule and even emergency services around the clock! Yes, that's right, if a huge tree falls on your home or in your driveway at 2:00 a.m., you can call us, and we'll come and get it out of there for you! We're always here to serve you with reliable tree service. You can hire us whether you have a commercial or residential property. When it comes to top-rated Michigan tree services, we are second to none. And you will be surprised with our fair pricing!

West Bloomfield Tree Trimming

General maintenance of trees and shrubs is what we consider trimming, so if your property's greenery has gone without clipping for a very long time, we're the ones you'll want to call. We'll uncover all the beauty you've long since forgotten about and beautify your property in the process! Our certified arborists know all the latest techniques to do a great job in both your back yard and front yard. Leave your trees in the hands of our tree care services, and you won't regret it!

Bloomfield Hills Tree Pruning

Speaking of beautification, we provide regular pruning services on a schedule to keep your property looking its very best. This kind of preservation is what you need to keep those heirloom ornamental shrubs and trees looking genuinely gorgeous. You can rely on our West Bloomfield tree services whenever you need help with your trees. We will do an excellent job not only making your trees look beautiful but also improving their health.

Bloomfield Stump Removal & Grinding

The less glamorous part of our service may lie in tree removal and stump grinding. If you hire us, we can provide that as a standalone service for you or as part of your tree removal. Some customers attempt tree removal themselves, and then they're left trying to deal with the stump. Don't worry; after removing trees, we remove the stumps left. Our tree services in Oakland County, Michigan, are here to make your life easier! Removing a stump can be dangerous work if you don't have the training and equipment. Sit back while we do our excellent work in your yard!

Bloomfield Tree Service

Have some obscure tree-related service you need to take care of? We've covered you, even if other local companies have ignored your request. We indeed do it all, so don't hesitate to reach out and talk to us about what you need to be done. Hire our Michigan tree trimming and removal services throughout Oakland County, and including Sterling Heights, Walled Lake, West Bloomfield, Metro Detroit, and Bloomfield Hills, MI. Next time you need a professional tree service, call us; we will do a fantastic job at a great price. We can work with any large tree efficiently and safely; that's why we are the best tree service in the area.

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We'll treat you to the finest service you've ever encountered, from that first call to our customer service reps to the day of service with your tree services. High-quality customer service is the backbone of any business, including ours. We can have all the expertise in the world, but if we aren't kind and courteous, that all goes down the drain. We hope you'll be satisfied and even impressed and recommend our tree services to others you know. We obtain most of our new business by word of mouth from our happy, loyal customers. We believe every business should! If you are in West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and the surrounding area, don't hesitate to contact our tree service next time you need it! You will always have the best tree service for a reasonable price. There are no large trees we can't handle! If you want free estimates for a specific tree service, we are just a call away.

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