Canton Home Improvement Stores

44080 Ford Rd, Canton, MI
Lowe’s is always a smart bet for any home improvement needs, and if you’re located in the Canton, MI area and Metro Detroit Tree Service is serving one of your projects, we’re likely to rely on this location for anything that we need to pick up at the last minute. While Home Depot is known as the largest home improvement retailer in the world, Lowe’s has been stacking up some incredibly impressive competition for them, and everyone out here in Canton has definitely taken notice. They are known for their outstanding selection of lumber, tools, pipes, chains, and outdoor equipment, but that’s only the tip of this home improvement and hardware iceberg! Their associates are incredibly wise and helpful and they always have everything that you need for any of your larger projects. Very highly recommended.

Home Depot
45900 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI45900 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI
Home Depot, as mentioned above, is the largest home improvement retailer in the world, with locations literally all over the globe, in every state of our country, in Washington DC, in Puerto Rico, in the US Virgin Islands, in Canada, and in Mexico! It’s clear that they are your go-to place for all your hardware and equipment needs, and if you’re located in Canton and working with Metro Detroit Tree Service, we are likely to rely on them too. Their truck rentals are something that you’ll enjoy taking advantage of, and you’ll appreciate their huge selection of appliances too. Their lumber department is excellent and the staff will be able to point you to the exact pieces that you need, as well as cutting and customizing them to fit your needs. Superb customer service, huge store packed with goods, and just a great shopping experience.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
39825 Ford Rd, Plymouth, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware is a stone’s throw away in nearby Plymouth, but it’s still quite convenient for our Canton area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. What we like about this Great Lakes Ace Hardware location is that they have the consistency and convenience of a chain establishment, but the friendly daily goings-on of an independently-run shop. Their household tools selection is unparalleled, and the best part of it is that their staff is so knowledgeable about each and every item that they carry on their shelves. On the off chance that you’re not sure exactly what you need, they will find it for you, lickity-split, no problem. And the prices are so reasonable for everything here that you’ll be able to stock up on whatever you need without breaking the bank. Super pleasant shopping experience right here.

Man’s Lumber & Millwork
47255 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI
Man’s Lumber & Millwork serves primarily commercial projects and that’s what we tend to use them for too, but they have also served our needs for certain residential projects out here in the Canton area, and they are just outstanding in every possible way. For instance, if you’re having a deck installed, they will deliver the highest quality decking that you have ever seen, on time, nicely priced, and without a scratch. We’re very impressed with the helpfulness of everyone at this company, and we appreciate the family run feel that they manage to weave through everything. When you need lumber cut to very specific specifications, they work with you down to the tiniest degree. Perfectionists welcome, because they are perfectionists too! Or at least they hold themselves to the highest standards. Highly recommended.