Dearborn Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Dearborn's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're the number one source for tree service in Dearborn, serving this area with pride for many years now, and so pleased to welcome you to our family. We offer Dearborn tree trimming, Dearborn tree removal service, Dearborn tree pruning, and Dearborn stump grinding. Whatever you need in the realm of trees and shrubs, we're here to take good care of it! We take care of all jobs big and small, and we are of course fully licensed and insured. We're here for general maintenance, scheduled pruning and beautification, and also for emergency services around the clock 365 days a year. We hope we'll be your first choice for all tree and shrub trimming and pruning needs, and that you'll keep our number on hand!

Dearborn Tree Trimming: We have many customers who call us up with beautiful old trees that have dangerous heavy limbs overhanging their home or driveway, or very neglected shrubs that are just too overgrown to even consider taking it on as a personal project. Sometimes you just need a professional! And we're here for all of that.

Dearborn Tree Pruning: Once you've got your trees and shrubs back to their natural state of beauty, you understand that they'll require some regular work to keep them that way! Our scheduled pruning services are exactly what you'll need. An affordable and no-fuss way to keep your property looking amazing.

Dearborn Stump Grinding: If you've got a felled or removed tree on your lot, you know that stump removal can be the most daunting part. That's why we offer stump grinding services either as part of our tree removal service or as a standalone piece when you need it.

Dearborn Tree Service: We can also handle any other tree or shrub service that you require, so even if other companies have turned you down because the job was too big or too small for them, call us up! We'll take care of you.

We offer all of the above and always with a smile. We care so much about our customers and we just want you to always feel that you're at home with us. Our crew knows how to deliver the beautiful yard that you're after, but our office staff knows how to deliver the customer service that makes you feel welcome and appreciated. We've built our business on word of mouth, never spending much on advertisement because we would rather grow organically through happy customers telling their friends and family about us. We look forward to making your yard look at stunning as you imagine and to being a part of your tree and shrub maintenance for many years to come.

Below we've listed our top recommendations for home improvement stores in the Dearborn area. When our crew is out providing tree service in Dearborn, these are the stores they can pop into to replace a broken piece of equipment or to buy something specialized. You can rely on them too when you're performing a little DIY tree servicing or taking care of other things around your yard and home.

Home Depot
5951 Mercury Dr, Dearborn, MI
Home Depot is always the go-to spot for all your home improvement needs, with so many locations scattered all over Michigan and all over the globe! As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, how could they not be your #1 choice? There is an additional very convenient location for our Dearborn area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers at 3163 Fairlane Drive, so take your pick on which is best for you based on where you’re located. We appreciate the generous hours at both of the Dearborn locations and we appreciate the super friendly staff even more. Their truck rentals are a great reason to rely on them for your bigger projects, and for your smaller projects, they have all the little hardware items that you’re seeking. The lumber and paint departments are excellent too, as well as the lighting department.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
22611 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI
For a little more low-key and more old fashioned hardware store experience, yet still with the corporate chain backing them up for a consistent and high quality experience, you can try Great Lakes Ace Hardware out here on Michigan Avenue. Our Dearborn area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers consistently rely on this place for all of their hardware needs. With many of the Ace locations being independently owned, you get a more family-run type of experience and the kind of personalized service that they just don’t have time for at the bigger retailers. Their household tools selection is particularly superb here, and their knowledge on everything is even more impressive! If you need advice on a project, don’t hesitate to ring them up and ask them about it, or head on over and speak face-to-face.

Lowe’s Home Improvement
23111 W Outer Dr, Allen Park, MI
Lowe’s, like Home Depot, offers generous hours and a consistent chain establishment type of shopping experience. You know where everything is no matter which location you walk into, and you know what to expect. The service at this particular location is outstanding, with the kind of staff that really goes out of their way to answer any obscure questions that you may have, and managers who make sure that everything runs as smoothly as humanly possible. It seems that they have virtually everything you could ever desire at Lowe’s, from lumber to paint, from appliances to tools, from lighting to plumbing. It’s all there, all well organized, and all easy to find. All nicely priced, too! That’s always a bonus! This one is located conveniently within Independence Marketplace, super easy for you to find and visit!

Pioneer True Value Hardware
8544 McGraw St, Detroit, MI
Pioneer True Value Hardware is an independently owned chain retailer that carries a striking array of household tools and supplies. As with our previous mention of Ace, the independently-owned nature of these True Value locations is that you get such personalized service, and such specialized products too! When you’re looking for that one particular piece for that custom project that you’re working on in your beautiful Dearborn home, it’s a safe bet that they’ll be able to find it or order it for you at Pioneer True Value Hardware. This is a large and impressive spot that is well-stocked with so many goods for all your needs. Metro Detroit Tree Service has been known to stop in for a last-minute item or two when we run into a snag or unexpected complication on a project, and they’re fast and efficient. Truly top notch!