Dearborn Heights Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Dearborn Heights' full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! Are you looking for a company to take care of your tree service needs in Dearborn Heights? You don't want to let overgrown shrubs or trees in need of trimming make a bad impression on your property! We offer Dearborn Heights tree trimming, Dearborn Heights tree removal service, Dearborn heights tree pruning, and even Dearborn Heights stump grinding. Whether you just want a one-time service to get things looking good again, a regular pruning service to keep things looking healthy and beautiful on a regular basis, or emergency service when storms blow through and cause damage, we're the company that you can call for all of your Dearborn Heights tree service needs!

Dearborn Heights Tree Trimming: Our one-time standalone tree trimming (and shrub trimming) services are always available to you whenever things have started to be a bit too neglected and overgrown. You can call us up and we'll get things looking gorgeous again in no time!

Dearborn Heights Tree Pruning: If you prefer services on a more regular basis, we'll treat you to our specialized pruning services for your trees and shrubs, coming out on whatever schedule you prefer in order to keep your greenery looking fresh, healthy, and impressive!

Dearborn Heights Stump Grinding: Some of our customers attempt tree removals on their own and then quickly find that the stump removal is next to impossible for an amateur without the proper equipment. We offer this either as part of our tree removal service or as a standalone service.

Dearborn Heights Tree Service: We're here for all kinds of random and obscure requests, as well as for emergency services when those rough storms blow through Michigan and leave damage in their wake. You never know when you'll need this emergency service, but what you do know is that we'll be here 24/7 to take your calls and serve your needs.

It's with great pleasure that we serve our customers with excellent tree service in Dearborn Heights. We want you to feel like you're part of our team when we work with you, like you're close friends and family, not just a customer making a transaction! We put a lot of pride into our work, putting care and attention into our trimming and pruning, and delivering a full-fledged satisfactory experience on every level. It's our hope that you'll recommend us to your friends and leave a positive review when we've served you well. Our business is built on word of mouth, not on advertisements. We want to build our reputation further by taking good care of you when you need us!

If you're a do-it-yourselfer either with your own tree service or other work around your home and yard, we'd like to recommend the below local Dearborn Heights home improvement stores to you just in case you need them. These are the places we rely on when we're doing work in this area and we know that they will serve you very well too. Conveniently located, well stocked, and reliable with their customer service, these are the very best ones around and worthy of our top recommendations.

Home Depot
25451 Michigan Ave, Dearborn Heights, MI
Home Depot is always going to get our #1 recommendation for all your home improvement and home repair needs, and when it comes to a truly excellent location in their worldwide chain of stores, we count their Dearborn Heights location on Michigan Avenue as one of the best. We’ve been known to travel to this one even when it’s a bit further out of our way, just because of the outstanding customer service and the fact that every single item always seems to be in stock. Their truck rentals are affordable and they always have such a great appliance selection that our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers are always raving about. Whether you need lumber, tools, plumbing supplies, a new door for your home, new lighting, or something involving the service that Metro Detroit Tree Service is providing to you, this is your spot!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
9395 Telegraph Rd, Redford, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware is located right on Telegraph Road in nearby Redford, just a quick stone’s throw away from Dearborn Heights. If you’ve ever been to any Ace Hardware location, you know how well organized they are, how friendly and old fashioned their service is, and how wonderful of a shopping experience you will have time after time when you go there. That’s why we’re so quick to recommend them to our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers when they need something, or why we’re so quick to run over there when we’re handling a job in Dearborn Heights or Redford. That familiar red awning really beckons you in, and the low-low-low prices are what keep you coming back for more! The hours are a little less generous than the big retailers, but it’s worth making the effort to get there a little earlier.

Studz Hardware Inc.
4457 S Telegraph Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI
Studz Hardware Inc. is a smaller hardware store out here on South Telegraph Road in Dearborn Heights. It’s more specialized, more friendly, and more geared toward those who don’t want to spend an hour weaving through the seeming hundreds of aisles at the larger home improvement retailers, like Home Depot and Lowe’s. The hours here are even more limited than at the previous mention, closing at 7pm some nights, but again, it is worth it to make the effort to come out when they are open, because their service is superb and they’ve always got what you need or can order it very quickly and affordably. If you’re in the market for some new outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers, they have a very nice selection here. Friendly folks, a cozy environment in which to shop, and a great local business to support!

Town N Country True Value Hardware
27740 Ford Rd, Garden City, MI
Located in neighboring Garden City, Town N Country True Value Hardware is worth the drive! This place has been here for ages, as you can tell by the old fashioned shingle outside with that charming old sign. It will take you back to the good old days for sure, but the items that they stock are fresh and new, modern just the way you need them for your home improvement and repair projects. When Metro Detroit Tree Service needs something for a Dearborn Heights area project, we know that this is the place that we can always run to, and they’ll always take exceptional care of us. On the off chance that you’ve been on the hunt for some replacement part that you haven’t even been able to find on the good ol’ world wide web, take heart! This place will likely be able to find it or find a comparable replacement!