Ecorse Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Ecorse's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! Are you living in the Ecorse area and in need of tree services at your home? Or is your business located in Ecorse and you need your shrubs or trees taken care of there? We offer Ecorse tree trimming, Ecorse tree removal, Ecorse tree pruning, and even Ecorse stump grinding. We truly do it all, and at a very affordable price. We can handle the one-time spruce-ups, the regular-basis prunings, and the last-minute emergency services too! We're actually here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year for those emergency calls, so don't hesitate to give us a call whenever you need us! A free price quote can be yours in no time!

Ecorse Tree Trimming: It's easy to ignore your trees and shrubs as the business of a busy life goes on, and suddenly you look up and realize that everything is overgrown! Well, that's why we're here. We can come out promptly and take care of all that overgrowth, no problem.

Ecorse Tree Pruning: If you enjoy our one-time service and want us to continue coming out for regular pruning services, we'd be more than happy to! There's no better company to entrust your historic trees and shrubs to, and no better way to keep your property looking pristine!

Ecorse Stump Grinding: If you've removed a tree yourself, you might need stump grinding service from us, and we do offer that as a standalone service as well as in combination with our own tree removals. This is a difficult task that we don't recommend trying to complete on your own!

Ecorse Tree Service: We offer all kinds of obscure tree and shrub services in addition to emergency services around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We're here for whatever you need, whenever you need it.

The quality of our service is the highest possible, from our customer service when you call to the work that our tree servicers do on your property. When you do call, we'll ask you some questions to get a feel for the type of project and we'll come out to get a look in person and give you a free estimate. There's absolutely no charge for us to come out and give you that estimate, and there is no obligation to do business with us whatsoever. You can comparison shop, check out other local companies, and compare prices. We think you'll find that we're not only the best, but also the most affordable. We're dedicated to being the best tree service in Ecorse, hands down.

When we do work in the Ecorse area, if we need any additional equipment or tools, we always rely on the home improvement stores listed below. We're including them here for our do-it-yourself tree servicers! If you're doing any of your own work on your trees and shrubs, you may want to rely on these establishments just like we do. They've been good to us and we're sure they'll be good to you too! High quality and great prices, just like us!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3584 Fort St, Lincoln Park, MI
If you live in the Ecorse area, chances are good that your go-to home improvement store is Great Lakes Ace Hardware, located so conveniently nearby in Lincoln Park. Metro Detroit Tree Service relies on this place for all of our jobs in this area, and we think that you should count on them too. They are known for their great selection of household tools, and the fact that it’s all independently run by people who are so smart about their products only makes it a more positive shopping experience for you. Whether you’re the type who likes to get in and out in a hurry, or whether you’re the type who prefers to talk over all the details with the sales associate, they’ll accommodate your needs and take good care of you here. It’d be hard to come up with the name of an item that they don’t have in stock here. Top notch.

23111 W Outer Dr, Allen Park, MI
It’s no secret that Lowe’s is an excellent one-stop shop for virtually everything that you could ever need for your home improvement and home repair adventures. When Metro Detroit Tree Service is serving our customers in the Ecorse area, we like this Lowe’s location because it’s not too far away and they always have everything that we need. Plus, they’re open later than most other local places! Definitely a perk at times! They open early too, as early as 6am! Very nice. They’ve got some very nice interior decorating supplies here, including a blinds and window coverings department that we think you’ll really enjoy browsing. Excellent selection of tools and hardware, and all the knowledge to go with it. If you’re needing copious amounts of lumber and plumbing, they’ve got it all! You can definitely rely on this location.

Home Depot
3163 Fairlane Dr, Allen Park, MI
Home Depot, similar to Lowe’s, is a one-stop shop for virtually everything under the sun. When Metro Detroit Tree Service is serving our Ecorse area customers and we need something extra at the last minute to handle a big job, this Home Depot location has never let us down. When it comes to tools, appliances, lumber, plumbing… you name it!... they’ve got it! And the best part is that you know what to expect when you walk into a Home Depot store, no matter which location you are visiting on the globe. That’s one of the advantages of shopping at the largest home improvement retailer in the world. The consistency, the commitment to quality, the shopping experience that is unrivaled by any other (except, perhaps, for Lowe’s, which gives them a pretty good run for their money!). Clearly a Metro Detroit Tree Service go-to.

2100 Southfield Rd, Lincoln Park, MI
Sears has been around for as long as any of us can remember, and our hope is that it always will be. While this Lincoln Park location isn’t as bustling as it used to be for clothing, gifts, and sweets (remember their candy counter?), it’s still doing pretty considerable business and their home improvement game is strong! Is this the only department store that offers a fully-featured home improvement section with appliances and tools? It just might be! Their brand-name appliances are hard to beat, and the quality and service are just outstanding. It’s no wonder that Sears is such a mainstay even after all these years. When the quality stays the same, the customers will stick around. That’s definitely true of our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Ecorse area who rely on this place daily!