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Tree care services!

Welcome, tree care enthusiast! ! Are you living in the Ecorse, MI area and in need of tree services at your home? Or is your business located in Ecorse and you need your shrubs or trees taken care of there? We offer the best tree care services in the area. If you require a removal service we will send the proper team to get the job done. If disheveled trees attack our tree-trimming service will protect you! When stump grinding is indispensable and hard, we will be your heroes!

We are proud to have a reasonable price for a great service. You'll find that we're not only the best, but also the most affordable.

Ecorse, MI Tree Trimming

Out of time to take care of your trees? Well, that's why we're here. To trim trees is our passion! We will look after your greenery so it remains healthy. The tree trimming service is here to get rid of limbs with disease indicators. Don't forget that tree trimming is important to get healthy larger trees. Besides, this professional tree service will help to avoid dangerous situations.

Ecorse Tree Pruning

Have you tried to prune your trees but do not like the look you got? We are here to take care of your greenery and give it an appealing look. The tree pruning service will keep your property looking pristine! Tree pruning is the best way to maintain the results after trimming. That gorgeous facade you need is just a prune away and for a fair price!

Tree removal services in Ecorse, MI.

Yes! Tree removal is part of our tree services portfolio! Tree removal is a difficult task. Metro Detroit Tree Service does not recommend trying on your own! If you have some experience with trees, you may find it easy to do the initial tree removal. However, stump removal or stump grinding gets really hard if you do not have the instruments to do it. And if you have them but do not have the expertise, you can end up running the ground. The Metro Detroit Tree Service has master stump grinding after many experience years. Forget about that annoying stump, and get happy after seeing the wood chips when the job is done. Go ahead and get that tree removed. Schedule your stump removal tree service!

Other tree services we have

You do not see the tree service you are in need of? We don't only perform tree removal, stump grinding, or shrub trimming. We keep an eye on other tree services too. If you need to do tree planting or a lawn clean up, whatever tree or shrub related we are here to assist! If you need some lawn services give us a call. Communicate with our agents and get a free estimate. We deliver quality work for all of our tree services!

Tree Service in case of emergency!

Emergencies are unpredictable, so we are available 24h a day 365 days a year with a tree service available for you.

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