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Metro Detroit tree service is a tree services company that will take care of your trees. You can get that backyard gorgeous once again with the hand of our professional tree staff. We truly do it all for both residential and commercial properties. If you need an emergency tree service, this is the right place! A representative is waiting for you so you can get one of our free estimates.

Farmington Tree Trimming services

Feeling you've been ignoring your branched friends for a while? We understand! Life gets busy and things become overgrown. Metro Detroit Tree Service is here to look after your trees. Tree trimming is important due to its multiple benefits.

How can you benefit from tree trimming? How can you benefit from tree trimming? A well-performed trimming session will encourage fruit production. In addition, this tree service helps to keep the area safe from fallen branches. It also increases the health of your trees as the deceased limbs are removed.

Tree Pruning services

Profit from this tree service to give your greenery an excellent appearance. Our professional tree staff would deliver an excellent service for you. Metro Detroit Tree Service is here to gladly groom your green friends.

Professional Tree removal services

We know that having a tree stump on your property after tree removal is not such a great experience. We also know that stump grinding is not an easy task. Without the proper equipment, it is harder. Our years of experience would make it an easier task. Stump removal is part of our removal full service but you can also give us a phone call to get it as a stand-alone. We highly recommend getting the full package from the beginning.

Tree services for emergency

The weather around Michigan is sometimes messy. Our staff delivers an excellent job even in emergencies after storm damage. Emergency tree removals are also on our radar. We will take care of that large tree causing trouble in your lawn. We are here for you 24h / 7days a week, we are aware that in many cases you can't wait until the next day to get the job done.

Are you a business owner in search of the best tree services?

No need to look further for it. We are here to deliver stunning high-business facades. We also have special rates for tree planting, if you want to get some beautiful large trees, you are where you need to be. Do not hesitate and call us. You can get a free estimate. All of our phone calls are important so go ahead and bring all your doubts. What are you waiting to get great work from us? A fair price for tree care is just a phone away!

Is it expensive to get tree services?

Not in any way! You won't have to empty your bank account to get an outstanding job by our hands! Our staff is trained to provide a great job on every single visit.

We work out of Farmington too! Our service area includes Royal Oak, West Bloomfield, Farmington Hills, and more!
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