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Tree trimming to offer tree care in Flat Rock, MI

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Professional tree care services in Flat Rock, MI for tree maintenance!

Metro Detroit Tree Service is a tree services company staffed with tree care experts. Our mission is to renovate neglected trees and shrubs. To offer a hand when you need to do some lawn clearing, and in case of any tree-related emergency you may face.

Time to get a tree trimming service in Flat Rock, MI!

Tree care demands tree trimming! This tree service is for keeping an eye on your trees' health. Do you know which are the branches of your tree that need to be trimmed? This is a difficult chore. Being able to identify dead branches against dormant ones requires tree-specific knowledge. That is one of the reasons why it is recommended to get a professional tree service to perform it. Our Metro Detroit Tree Service tree care experts have the knowledge and experience for the task! You can easily schedule a tree-trimming service by reaching out. Communicate with our representatives and get a free estimate.

Let's get those trees Pruned!

Are you a property owner looking for tree pruning services? We have a certified arborist to do the job on your lawn. Tree pruning is important to keep those green friends handsome. Depending on the tree it would be a tree service to be performed in winter or spring. It is highly recommended to get a knowledgable person to do this chore. We can easily determine the perfect time for the tree pruning you are in need of. Schedule this tree service with one of our tree care experts for a fair price!

Tree care and Tree removal

Not only when a tree is occupying a space you will use you will need a tree removal service. Sometimes it is a safety subject. Have you seen fungus in your trees? Did you identify big dead branches? Is the trunk hollowed? Those are some important facts to have in mind when determining if a tree removal should be done.

If you need a tree removal we have a specialized crew to perform the task. We do also offer stump grinding services. Tree removal and stump grinding are no trouble at all Metro Detroit Tree Service. Whether you need those as a combined service or just the stump grinding. because you have already taken down your tree yourself, we've got you covered either way. Give us a call to get a free quote

Flat Rock Emergency Tree Service

We're also available for emergency services. Where other tree service companies will turn you away, we will say YES! Spring and winter storms in Michigan can be very dangerous when it comes to our tallest trees. We will provide assistance for property damage in Flat Rock and its surrounding area. Bookmark this page so you can find us easily when you need us in an emergency! We're here 24/7 to take your calls, all year round and every day of the week.

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