Garden City Home Improvement Stores

Town N Country True Value Hardware
27740 Ford Rd, Garden City, MI
When our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Garden City area ask us what the best hardware store around is, we always point them to Town N Country True Value Hardware. This place has been around seemingly forever (we don’t know the specifics, but asking them about their history next time you stop in could prove to be a very interesting conversation!). Of course, you’re dealing with more limited hours here than you are at the huge home improvement retailers, but you are also dealing with a much more specialized and personalized experience. We like the fact that they deliver chain consistency but family-run quality. It’s really the perfect combination of the two. Exceptional service, and incredible array of tools and hardware to serve every single one of your needs, and so much more.

Home Depot
25451 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI
What can we possibly tell you about Home Depot that you don’t already know? This is the largest home improvement retailer in the world, and you can see the evidence of that in their enormous stores that are just loaded with the highest quality items around. And thanks to their sheer size, they are able to offer those products at much more competitive prices than some of their smaller competitors. Can’t argue with that! Modern perks at their best. The truck rentals are something that we have taken advantage of here. There’s another ubiquitous truck rental company out there that does a great job too, but compare pricing and you might find that you get more bang for your buck here! They have an outstanding lumber selection, nice indoor and outdoor décor, and an excellent door and window department too.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
140 Merriman Rd, Westland, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware locations are always superb, no matter which one we’re speaking of. This one in Westland is a winner like all the rest. Still a chain establishment, so you get that consistency that you expect, but also independently-run, so you get the care and quality that you may not even expect nowadays. They are known for their hardware and tools selection, so whether you need that certain nut and bolt for that obscure project, or whether you need to replace that favorite old hammer that finally bit the dust, this is a great place to find something even BETTER than what you were looking for. The convenient location in Cherry Hill Markeplace makes it a must-visit for all of our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in this area. Pretty generous hours for not being one of the bigger retailers too! Nice.

12701 Middlebelt Rd, Livonia, MI
At the time of this writing, Menard’s is a lesser known home improvement store to many of our eastern Michigan Metro Detroit Tree Service customers, but it is rapidly expanding into our area, with an upcoming location in the former spot where Gibraltar Trade Center was located, out in Taylor! So pretty soon, you’ll be able to take advantage of Menard’s perks no matter where you’re located! They are known for their wide selection of building materials and tools, not to mention their superb garden supplies section, and they have an outstanding array of appliances too! A major perk here is that they even have a little grocery section, so you can pick up something for dinner to enjoy after all that hard work, all without having to make another stop at an additional store. Super time saver there. Great service here too! A Metro Detroit Tree Service favorite.