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Professional performing tree cutting as part of our Tree cutting services
 tree cutting performed by a certified arborist as part of a tree care job
tree removal in one of our tree care services

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You just landed on the Metro Detroit Tree Service webpage, you may be in search of some of one of our tree services! We are here to provide a stunning look to your lawn. Whether you are in need of some lawn maintenance or the addition of new greenery on your property. We will provide adequate staff and instruments if you need a tree removal job. To give it a new look and maintain it with our tree trimming or tree pruning services. Our assignment is to offer a five-star job to every customer in each tree care service. Let us put our hands on your next tree-cutting service!

Let's talk about the advantages of our Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning as part of Tree care.

Tree trimming is essential to keep your tree in good shape. Tree pruning will make endure the results of tree trimming. Both combined will create a movie-like appearance for your property. And not only a good appearance but also a safe environment. Nonetheless, there is much more than just looks when getting your trees trimmed. Tree trimming is a task that removes limbs with diseases and dead ones. Getting a professional to trim and prune your green friends helps to prevent damage. Non-identified ill branches may suddenly fall and represent some danger. It is highly recommended to get a professional to do this job. In order to avoid damage to your trees due to bad tree cutting.

We offer tree removal services to prevent damage!

Do you suspect that one of your trees is about to fall? When you do not have the experience to tell if the tree is still dormant or if definitely is on its last days... we will support you and tell you if a removal is needed. In the case that you know it is time to get a tree removal service. We will cover your back as well. If you have already started the removal yourself, we can also offer stump grinding to finish the task.

Tree-cutting services for emergencies in Gibraltar

You never know when a heavy limb will be struck by lightning or brought down by high winds. We'll take care of any damage and make sure that everything's safe for you and your family! You can call us at any time to get a tree emergency service with Metro Detroit Tree Service. We cover emergencies in a vast area in Michigan. Flat Rock, Allen Park, and New Boston are also in our service area for a fair price! Do not hesitate to ask about our coverage.

We strive to offer the highest quality service across the board. We believe that great customer service should be the backbone of any business. We will perform all our tree-cutting services always with an excellent attitude! Contact our company and get those local shrubs in shape with our crew's help. We can handle every tree or shrub-related job on your lawn.

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