Gibraltar Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Gibraltar's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! Our Gibraltar tree service exists to serve your needs for both trees and shrubs. We offer everything you could ever require as far as tree and shrub maintenance goes, including Gibraltar tree trimming, Gibraltar tree removal service, Gibraltar tree pruning, and Gibraltar stump grinding. These services can be combined in all manner of ways as well as being offered on a standalone basis. In addition, we're here for your emergency tree service needs around the clock. That means that if one of our crazy Michigan storms sweeps through Gibraltar at 2:00 a.m. on an icy winter night, you can confidently dial us up and know that we'll be right there to take care of you! You've got to mitigate any possible property damage when those heavy tree limbs threaten to fall. We've got you covered!

Gibraltar Tree Trimming: Our standard tree trimming service is a one-time service to get your trees and shrubs back to their former glory after a bit of neglect! Or a lot of neglect, that's OK too! Our tree servicers are the very best at restoring your trees to healthy and vitality. They'll look outstanding when we're through!

Gibraltar Tree Pruning: If you love the look of our trees when we have finished our tree trimming services, you may want to keep us coming out on a regular basis for our shrub and tree pruning services! We will come out regularly and keep everything looking well-tended and full of life.

Gibraltar Stump Grinding: You already know that we offer Gibraltar tree removal services, but we also offer stump grinding either in combination with that or on its own when you've got a felled or once-removed tree. This is very difficult work for the amateur but we've got the equipment to get it done, no sweat.

Gibraltar Tree Service: In addition to all those standard services above, as we mentioned before, we're here for your emergency tree service in Gibraltar as well. You never know when a heavy limb will be struck by lightning or brought down by high winds. We'll take care of any damage and make sure that everything's safe for you and your family!

We strive to offer the highest quality service across the board, whether we're just coming out one time to spruce up your trees or whether we're your go-to for regular tree pruning services. We believe that great customer service should be the backbone of any business. Where others skimp on this, we put in 100%, with great phone reps and outstanding tree servicers who really know how to treat our customers well.

Now, if you happen to be one of our Gibraltar tree service customers who does some of their tree servicing themselves, then we'd like to recommend the below home improvement stores for your tool and equipment needs. They have always been our go-to stores in this area when we need something to finish a job. Affordable pricing and great customer service from them! Hmm, sounds familiar! We look forward to doing business with you in the coming months.

Home Depot
23300 W Allen, Woodhaven, MI
The Home Depot location in Woodhaven is the closest one to your Gibraltar location, and it also happens to be the newest Home Depot location in the Downriver area, if we’re not mistaken. It’s conveniently located in Woodhaven Village Square, right along with all the other stores you love, like Walmart, Target, Michael’s, and more. Many of our Gibraltar area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers take advantage of this place for their lumber and truck rentals, and so do we when we’re working on jobs in your area! It’s a safe bet that you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for at the world’s largest home improvement retailer, after all! Everything about Home Depot is BIG. The store itself, the generous hours, the great selection of products, the super friendly customer service. We appreciate all of it.

21000 West Road, Woodhaven, MI
Lowe’s is generally our second choice when it comes to the large home improvement retailers, but as time goes by, they give more and more competition to Home Depot, which is known as the king of the home improvement world. Lowe’s really does come close in so many ways, and they also surpass Home Depot in others. It just depends on your particular project needs. What we like about Lowe’s is their fantastic lumber department and their interior décor. They also have a lot of excellent appliances for you to choose from, and they offer truck rentals just like Home Depot does, and affordably too. Their hours are just as generous and their employees are just as professional and hard-working. Traffic can be rough in this area, so plan to go there early in the morning or late in the evening to beat the crowds!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3080 Van Horn Rd, Trenton, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware gives you the quality and consistency of a chain establishment with the perks of an independently-run or family-run place. Known for their superb selection of household tools, this is the place that you’ll want to go to when you want to replace that beloved hammer that your Uncle Stanley gave to you. You don’t want to just pick up any old thing to replace it… you’re looking for something just as special. And at Great Lakes Ace Hardware, they’ve got the specialty products and the superb staff to help you find just what you’re looking for. The only really downside here is that the hours aren’t as generous as the other larger Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding, but it’s worth arriving a little earlier for the personalized service and the great selection of tools, hardware, and merchandise. Great spot.

Keck Do It Best Hardware
2132 West Rd, Trenton, MI
Keck Do It Best Hardware is a staple in the community here, and if you live in nearby Gibraltar, you’ve likely been there a time or two. Metro Detroit Tree Service heads over there for any last minute items for your projects, and we think that you should too. Even smaller and more specialized than the previous mention, this is as good as it gets when it comes to customer service! Wow. Just so friendly and attentive. You’ll never walk out of this place without the item you were looking for or something better. Now, we have to note that the hours here are even further limited than the previous mention, some days only open until 6pm, but as we said before, some places are just worth the extra effort to get out there early to receive that level of quality and service. One of Metro Detroit Tree Service’s top recommendations!