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Welcome! We're your number one source of plant health care. We do everything that involves tree care. Our tree experts are here to offer an outstanding job for your property. Lawn care is part of our DNA, so you will be in good hands. We truly do it all and we're so happy to have you as a customer. No matter what tree and shrub-related work you need to be done. Did you request a shrub trimming service from another company and got trees with a horrible look? Metro Detroit Tree Service is here to clean the mess. Do you want to keep longer the beautiful looks of your trees? We'll send someone to prune it. Did you get stumps in your new property? one of our tree experts will grind it. Trees and shrubs are our passion, so we will take care of them.

How often should a tree trimming and tree pruning service be performed?

All our customers would highly recommend our trimming and tree pruning services. Each tree species is a whole new universe and each one of them needs specific attention. Not all trees require a trimming session at the same time. The perfect time to get a pruning or trimming session will depend on the species and the age of your trees. Tree trimming is one of the most functional parts of tree care.

For an ignored yard, this is the best service. With a tree trimming session, you can help your green friends to take air better. You will also allow the inner branches to get the power of light. The Metro Detroit Tree Service is here to get your branched friends to the most spectacular and healthy state. Perfect for any yard holiday get-together.

Lawn services for Grosse Pointe

Do you want some new greenery on your property? Our crew does also specialize in tree planting. We will cover your lot with new green friends to offer your house a stellar facade. Did you already plant some new trees in your yard and require tree fertilization? You can easily schedule an appointment to get professional tree fertilization with us. We will cover your back as well to remove and control the weed on your lawn. With just a call a certified arborist may knot your door to clear your lot. Maintaining your land stunning is possible with our help. Make contact with us and ask for a free consultation.

A wonderful facade is waiting for you with our arborists' services. No tasks lawn related is hard for our team after several years of continued tree care assistance. Metro Detroit Tree Service is committed to create a family tree community for a fantastic price. Hiring our services will assure quality for your lot

Does Metro Detroit Tree Service offer a tree removal service?

Of course! We know that now and then, a tree just needs to be removed. Sometimes it's a sick tree, others it's an old dead one. Sometimes it's just in the way of new construction on your property. We can take care of the tree removal service of your need. Stump grinding is also in our list. You can get our full package of tree removal or just the stump grinding. As you prefer!

We offer the best tree emergency services in the area

We are to save you after that storm that generated some property damage. We will take care of those trees with spring fungus. Call us up, we're here 24/7 for emergencies! Each time anyone has gotten our services an excellent service is provided. There's no reason to settle for less than the best when it comes to your Grosse Pointe tree services. Save our phone number in case one day you need an emergency service.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you are out of the city to get our local tree services. Our service map includes Clair Shores, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms, Shelby Township, Clinton Township, and more!

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