Grosse Pointe Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Grosse Pointe's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're your number one source for Grosse Pointe tree trimming, Grosse Pointe tree removal service, Grosse Pointe tree pruning, and even Grosse Pointe stump removal. We truly do it all and we're so happy to have you as a customer. No matter what tree and shrub related work you need done, we hope that you'll give us a call and allow us to provide you with a free estimate. It just takes a quick phone call or email and then you'll be well on your way to the well-groomed yard that you are dreaming of! And when we say free price quote, we mean completely free, with absolutely no obligation to do business with us. Comparison shop if you like. We want you to make the best decision for your home and property. (Psst, we'll tell you a secret! It's us!)

Grosse Pointe Tree Trimming: Our tree trimming service is great when your yard has been ignored for a bit and you want to get it back to its most beautiful and healthy state. Our expert tree servicers will come out and get everything trimmed up nicely, looking just perfect for your holiday get-togethers!

Grosse Pointe Tree Pruning: When you're pleased with that tree trimming work, you just might consider hiring us on a more regular basis for your tree pruning and shrub pruning needs. This is a specialized service that you should not trust to just any tree trimming company. Our crew is the absolute best at keeping your trees and shrubs looking healthy and lush.

Grosse Pointe Stump Grinding: Of course, now and then, a tree just needs to be removed. Sometimes it's a sick tree, sometimes it's an old dead tree, or sometimes it's in the way of your new construction. We can take care of your Grosse Pointe tree removal as well as stump grinding, and we do offer stump grinding as a standalone service, should you ever need it.

Grosse Pointe Tree Service: Beyond the usual jobs listed above, we also offer more obscure tree and shrub related services that other companies may turn you away for, not to mention our emergency services for those windy and stormy nights when heavy limbs threaten to come crashing down. Don't risk property damage. Call us up, we're here 24/7 for emergencies!

There's no reason to settle for less than the best when it come to your Grosse Pointe tree service. We've got the best office staff and the best road crew, both ready to tend to your needs and deliver your complete satisfaction. Whether you need trimming, pruning, removal, stump grinding, or emergency services, our crew is the one to trust. Your services will be of expert quality and also incredibly affordable!

Below we've listed some of the local home improvement stores that we rely on when we need extra tools or equipment when we're out there working in your area. These are the companies that have treated us so well, so we're returning the favor with a bit of a nod to them here. We trust them and so should you!

Pointe Hardware & Lumber
15020 Kercheval Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Everybody in the Grosse Pointe area knows that they can rely on Pointe Hardware & Lumber for all of their home improvement and home repair needs. That’s true of Metro Detroit Tree Service personally too, and of our customers who reside in this area and have us work on projects for them. The convenient location can’t be beat, and it seems like there’s always someone right there at your beck and call to answer any questions that you may have and to make sure that you are truly taken care of. They give excellent advice on all projects here, so if you’re looking for a little outside input on something that’s been baffling you, don’t be afraid to call them up for a little Q&A, or just go in and ask! This place has been going strong for more than 20 years and they are never out of anything. Shelves are all fully stocked. Top notch!

Village Ace Hardware
18165 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI
This one’s located in nearby Detroit, and though it’s our second choice for a smaller chain retailer for home improvement and home repair items, it’s still a great choice when you’re working on a project in the Grosse Pointe area and you’ve got to make a quick run for something. They’re known for their household tools selection, and it’s a great place to go when you need to replace a broken tool or add something new to your arsenal of fix-it gear! They have a lot of things that we’d put in the “extras” category here too, which is nice, including things like lawn bags or interior décor. Some cute items that you might not expect to find at an Ace Hardware store. Always good service, always well-stocked shelves, and always an easy shopping experience. Bring your list, and grab-and-go! It’s that simple.

19340 Vernier Rd, Harper Woods, MI
Now, if you’re looking to play with the big boys and you don’t want to fool around with the smaller hardware stores, Lowe’s (and Home Depot, below) are going to be your best bet. This particular Lowe’s location is in nearby Harper Woods, very convenient for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Grosse Pointe area. As you probably already know, Lowe’s is a huge home improvement retailer that is absolutely rife with everything you could possibly need. Lumber? Check. Plumbing supplies? Check. Nuts, bolts, and all other hardware? Check. Bathroom hardware, toilets, showers, etc.? Check. Windows and window coverings? Check. Appliances? Check. We could go on and on. We’re big fans of their lighting department and gardening department too, and they’ve got lots of great BBQ supplies for the summer!

Home Depot
20300 Kelly Rd, Harper Woods, MI
Like the previous mention of Lowe’s, this Home Depot location is found in nearby Harper Woods, just a quick jaunt from your area in Grosse Pointe. Our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in this area are always telling us that Home Depot is their go-to place for all things home improvement and home repair related, and we have no doubts about that. We’ve personally visited this location many times for things that we have needed during projects in the area, so we can vouch for the personal service from the staff and the fact that the shelves are always well-stocked with everything that you could possibly ask for. They’re quite well known for their lumber, appliances, and tools, and we also love their lighting department and their truck rentals. The mid-day hours tend to be a little on the crazy side here, so we we do recommend earlier or later visits!