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 Professional tree service as part of our lawn care services in a back yard near Clinton Township, Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe, MI
Great job trimming professional service after spring, near Grosse Pointe Farms and Sterling Heights
 Excellent service by certified arborist doing  tree removal services for a local tree near Sterling Heights, Grosse Pointe, Clinton Township and Warren, MI

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Professional Tree and lawn care services in Grosse Pointe Parks!

Welcome! We're so thrilled to hear that you're considering us for your next tree service or for your lawn services. We are a five-star tree services company providing service for an honest price. If you want to bring beauty to your branched friends, one of our tree experts will be there to trim trees on your lot. We're right here every day of the year for anything that you could possibly need shrub or tree-related. That includes emergency tree service.

Looking for a Tree Trimming company at Grosse Pointe Park?

Metro Detroit Tree Service's mission is to bring beauty to all properties in the area. It is our honor to make everything healthy and pretty. No matter if is a residential or commercial property. From all our services, this is our typical one-time tree service. You can take advantage of this tree service when you've neglected your trees and shrubs a bit or for too long. Also if you haven't. Tree trimming is a requisite to keep your yard or lot safe for everyone. Now that the branches with disease symptoms or that are already dead will get removed.

We also provide Tree Pruning services in Grosse Pointe Parks!

After getting a smile with our Tree trimming results, you will desire to make it last longer. How can you achieve that? By signing up for our regular pruning service. The schedule of our services will keep your trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful.

When removing a tree is also a tree care sign!

When your backyard has got a sick tree the best thing you can do for it and the other trees in your property is to remove it. The tree removal will prevent the spread of the disease and dangerous situations for passers. Tree removal is simple and straightforward by our hand. Metro Detroit Tree Service also offers stump grinding as one of our standalone tree services or as a part of the tree removal package. These tasks can be daunting for the amateur tree passionate. Trust it to a tree expert for a fair price!

Emergency services for all at Grosse Pointe Park.

Our emergency tree services are always available, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We know that having to wait for a service when you are in an emergency is not such a good experience. So we are always ready to save you. We are aware that those violent storms are no joke and may produce property damage and risk for passers. We highly recommend letting a professional deal with those hanging large branches.

We truly look forward to hearing from you about your tree service needs here in Grosse Pointe Park! We love taking care of our customers and delivering only an excellent and efficient experience. We know that you will be a loyal customer who recommends us if we do an outstanding job. After all, that's what we're in business for! So trust your trees only to the best and allow us to treat them with the loving care that they deserve for a reasonable price.

You can get the best service related to trees, and lot care with a certified arborist from our team in a vast area. We have a team to serve around Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe, Harrison Township, and Saint Clair Shores, MI. Call us today and get matched with a professional! Let us know your location and our courteous crew will arrive at your house. Anyone that has tried our services would highly recommend us after the job is completed. Be the next one, and become part of our top tree community! Your trees are waiting for a great job to stay in shape, communicate and provide them some love with our great service!

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