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 Tree removal company performing a Tree removal service of stump removal for local tree near Grosse Pointe, MI
Great job of lawn care for a Family owned property near Troy, MI after stump removal.
Locally owned company performing cut tree .
Great job of  tree pruning and trimming close up for tree care.

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Tree and Lawn care services

Metro Detroit Tree Service is here to assist in all your lawn care needs. Our experts' team is highly recommended in all Grosse Pointe Woods areas. We are used to offering a good experience without exception. In case you need a hand to eliminate some large old tree roots from your property Metro Detroit Tree Service will assist. Or in case you want to plan some new smaller trees for a facade project. If you are looking for a tree services company with competitive pricing, you are where you need to be. No matter if you have big or small trees one of our tree experts will always deliver a great service.

What does Metro Detroit Tree Service have to offer regards tree services?

Our tree services include tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal. Nonetheless, we are not limited to those services.

Is it beneficial to get a tree trimming and tree pruning service?

Definitely! The benefits of this service are not only for your trees! With a tree trimming session, your trees will get healthier. Now that potentially damaging limbs will be removed. It also fends off pests to settle on your greenery. So it is a way to boost safety and health on your property. Trim trees regularly will also create a tidy look for your facade so everyone gets amazed by it.

Time after, a tree pruning session will help to revitalize the aspect of your green friends. It will help too to all your inner tree leaves to nourish from sunlight. Metro Detroit Tree Service can schedule these services for you on a regular basis or occasionally. During our visit we can provide advice regards the ideal window times to pamper your trees. Within all tree-trimming companies in the area, our quality work makes us stand out.

What about tree removal services?

Anyone that has dealt with stumps on their property understands how hard this task is. Sometimes the tree may look easy to remove with few tools until you see those uncomfy stumps. Stump removal or stump grinding has become easy for our professional tree staff. We are equipped with the best tools to make things easier for our professionals. In the case that you have some adequate tools to perform the grinding but had messed things up a bit. We will cover your back. It won't be the first time that a tree passionate calls us to get professional help. Tools are not the only requisite to get a tree removed and perform the job with proficiency.

Do you want to know about tree removal costs?

Metro Detroit Tree Service will require some details in order to provide a final price for your removal service. Our tree removal costs will vary according to the difficulty of the job and the tools that it demands. However, we can offer a free consultation to know the cost of your professional service. Just give us a call!

Emergency services all days at all times!

We also offer emergency services 24 hours a day. If an awful storm hits our area and damages your trees, you don't have to wait for a regular appointment. If your property is in danger due to the weather we will rescue you and your relatives. If it is an emergency due to another circumstance, and you have some downed trees we will look after you. We will put our caps on to bring back safety to your house. Our tree service company is highly rated. Thanks to our efficiency and commitment when emergencies are knocking on your door.

Have you checked our service area?

Metro Detroit Tree Service covers a lot of nearby areas like Roseville, MI. Our map includes as well Madison Heights, Shelby Township, Grosse Pointe Park, Saint Clair Shores, MI, and Warren, MI.

We would highly recommend getting a professional to perform these services. Years of experience can not be improvised. No one has regretted doing business with us after the job was completed.

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