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Tree care and maintenance services in Hamtramck, MI!

Welcome! We are Hamtramck's premier tree maintenance company. Metro Detroit Tree Service is serving this area for many years now and many years to come. We are here to provide the best tree-trimming services and tree-cutting jobs you've ever experienced. We will assist when you require stump removal or tree removal. In addition, we will wear our red capes to rescue in case of an emergency tree removal. Do you need to set an appointment to prune trees on your property? We will gladly set it up by phone. We have are committed to deal with small or tall trees to create pretty landscaping for your property. Give us the opportunity to provide an appealing look to your facade.

Why should you get our professional tree-trimming services ?

Due to the several years of experience and for avoiding potentially dangerous consequences. Even when tree trimming may look like an easy task for some... It is mandatory to have some specialized knowledge to do it right. Each branched fellow will need a specific time of the year to get trimmed. To take the most out of the tree-trimming session a professional is a requisite. If all the dead branches are not removed during tree trimming, they might suddenly fall. When you get a tree expert to trim trees on your property, you won't find dead branches around. Healthy and directed growth will bloom in your backyard or facade. Among the tree trimming companies in the state, with Metro Detroit Tree Service, you will get the best results ever.

After our team has come to trim trees from your yard. You can call and schedule us to come out and prune trees and shrubs. Metro Detroit Tree Service offers tree pruning services to make the trimming results endure. When you get tree pruning services you are giving a dose of beauty to your house looks. You can get a Hollywood-worthy backyard by our hands for a really fair price.

Let's talk about our tree removal services in Hamtramck, MI!

Even if you are a tree passionate that has dealt with trees for years, you know that tree removal is not a piece of cake. For tree removal is mandatory to take care of the tree surrounding area, and the ground, and also to put in place specialized equipment. So you can perform that construction project or a new tree planting free of stumps. We will assist with tree removal for enormous trees and for smaller trees hard located.

Hunting for a company with Stump Grinding services in Hamtramck, MI?

Metro Detroit Tree Service's mission is to make every tree job easy for you. We are conscious that stump removal or stump grinding is daunting. Especially without the specialized equipment and a lack of experience. For those that had already started the tree removal and have now a stump in their lot, this is a perfect match! We will provide a professional with a wood chipper so the only thing you have left from that stump are your memories... and some wood chips. It's definitely easier to deal with wood chips than with a stump. Isn't it?

What about our tree removal costs in Hamtramck, MI?

The tree removal costs may vary according to the tree's diameter and its location. Our tree removal costs may increase a bit if the tree to be removed is near light wiring or has a massive trunk. According to the level of difficulty, our experts will select the appropriate method for removing the tree. So it will depend on the situation. The cost will also vary if you request a full removal package or if you are in need of stump grinding only. However, you can call us and get a free estimate of any of our tree services. Do not hesitate to hire us to remove trees, we have really affordable and fair prices.

Do you have tree services for emergencies around Hamtramck, MI?

Our emergency tree services, as mentioned above, are available 24 hours a day. That's right when those storms blow through in the spring and winter, you can reach out to us no matter the time. Whether a wind storm caused tree damage or an old tree finally met its time. When a tree threatens property damage, you need service immediately; we're here for you. Save our contact information so you have a hero to trust if you find yourself in an emergency. Metro Detroit Tree Service works hard to ensure a consistent and high-quality experience. For each and every customer in all our tree care jobs.

 A tree trimming or tree cutting service By Metro Detroit Tree Service in Hamtramck, MI
 shrub and tree trimming as part of our tree service near Hamtramck, MI
tree trimming or tree cutting service in Hamtramck, MI
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