Highland Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Highland's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We hope you'll consider us for all of your Highland tree service needs. We provide residents in your area with Highland tree trimming, Highland tree pruning, Highland tree removal service, and Highland stump grinding, in addition to emergency service whenever needed! Whether you're seeking that one-time spruce-up, a regular pruning service, removal service for that sick tree, or emergency service when a bad storm rolls through our area, we've got you covered. Your trees and shrubs deserve to look as healthy as they are. Let us come out and uncover their true beauty. A little trimming and pruning can work wonders! We're affordable and our crew is friendly and professional. We think you'll be more than pleased with our Highland tree maintenance services.

Highland Tree Trimming: Our tree trimming service is what you'll need if the trees on your property have been ignored for some time. It's completely understandable, but bringing them back to their former glory can be a daunting task for the DIY tree servicer. Instead, entrust your trees to us.

Highland Tree Pruning: Regular pruning service is something we offer for those who want to keep their trees looking as fantastic as they do after your first tree trimming. Your trees and shrubs can be coaxed to grow in the ways that you desire with some careful pruning.

Highland Stump Grinding: Tree removal is sometimes necessary, whether it's a sick tree, a dead tree, or just a very inconveniently located tree. We offer not just tree removal, but also stump grinding services, and we offer those either together or as standalone services when necessary.

Highland Tree Service: We'll happily take on any job that other Highland tree service companies have turned you down for, and we also offer emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year round. When storms cause damage, you know who to call.

We'll always offer you the best price possible, offered in the form of a free estimate, with absolutely no obligation to do business with us. Comparison shop if you like. We believe you'll chose us once you see how affordable we are, how friendly our office staff is, how great our tree servicers are, and what an excellent reputation we've built up over the years. We truly look forward to doing business with you, and it's our hope that you'll leave us a positive review and recommend us to others when you are completely satisfied. And if you're ever not, for any reason, we will make it right. Count on it.

If you're here on our site, you're likely looking for professional tree service in Highland, but if you're doing some of it on your own DIY-style, the home improvement stores that we would recommend to you in this area are below. We have relied on them many times when we're in Highland performing our tree service duties, and we know that they will give you the same friendly treatment and the same low prices that make them so worthwhile! You can't go wrong with any of the establishments listed below.

Peters True Value Hardware
3455 W Highland Rd, Milford, MI
Have we ever been impressed with our shopping experience at Peters True Value Hardware! Metro Detroit Tree Service has relied on this establishment for so many of our hardware and equipment needs during our jobs in the Highland area, and we think you’d be smart to rely on them too. Whether you’re one of our residential or commercial customers, you can trust Peters True Value Hardware for your home improvement and home repair needs. No need to go to one of the big boys like Home Depot or Lowe’s when you’ve got this excellent store right in your backyard. Super high quality items and some of the greatest service around – what more could you ask for? We’re obsessed with the outstanding experience that we have here and recommend it to all of our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers!

Gilroys Hardware
2550 S Milford Rd, Highland, MI
Gilroys Hardware is a convenient and cherished neighborhood hardware store out here in the Highland area. The Metro Detroit Tree Service crew learned about it from our residential customers in the Highland area, and we have started to rely on them for some of our professional needs when we have jobs in that vicinity now. They really have one of the nicest staffs that you will ever meet, and they know their stuff too, so you can show them what you’re working on and they will be able to point you straight toward the right items that will make your project a smashing success. Lots of household tools and hardware here, and if you’re looking to replace an older cherished tool that finally saw the end of its days, this just might be the place to find its perfect replacement. A top Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation in Highland!

Five Star Ace Hardware
1135 S Milford Rd, Highland, MI
An Ace location that we can never get enough of is Five Star Ace Hardware. They’re well deserving of that name, because we’d certainly rate them five out of five stars for their mind blowing service! While this is a part of the Ace chain, it’s an independently operated location, and we are really impressed with the whole shopping experience here from top to bottom. When the Metro Detroit Tree Service crew has had to rely on this store for hardware needs, they have taken us straight to the items we need within seconds of entering the store. Talk about a smart and knowledgeable staff! These folks really know their stuff. When you’ve got home or DIY projects in and around the Highland area, don’t be afraid to rely on this Five Star Ace Hardware location for all of your hardware needs! Great store.

2850 E Highland Rd, Highland, MI
ACO doesn’t seem to get as much attention as Ace or True Value stores, but we love them just as much as ever. They have taken great care of Metro Detroit Tree Service during our jobs in the Highland area, and with this convenient location on Highland Road, how could you not choose this one as your source for hardware or tools? We like that they have really easy to remember hours here too, from 8-8 most days, with Saturday being just a little shorter at 8-7. We love this chain of stores because they deliver such a consistent hardware shopping experience, from the customer service to the availability of specialty items that are hard to find elsewhere. Without a doubt, Metro Detroit Tree Service customers who live, work, and play in the Highland area should take advantage of this place for their hardware needs.