Highland Park Home Improvement Stores

Cadillac True Value Hardware
2479 W Davison St, Detroit, MI
When you’re looking for just that right tool for a very specific job, there’s no better place to rely on in the Highland Park area than Cadillac True Value Hardware. Metro Detroit Tree Service customers are always raving about this place and we have relied on them many times as well. The True Value locations are chain establishments, but they are run independently by families or independent people, and that is what delivers such a consistently high quality yet old fashioned experience. The owner of this one is named Bashear and he is a wonderful person to deal with when you’re wanting to speak with someone with true expertise. A real professional. The shelves are always fully stocked here so you never have to worry about them running out of anything that you need. Excellent selection of household tools here.

Louis Ace Hardware
917 E McNichols Rd, Detroit, MI
Louis Ace Hardware is similar to the mention above, in the fact that it’s a part of the Ace hardware store chain, but these are also run independently, giving them a more homey and comfortable feel. This one is also known for their household tools and gardening supplies, so it’s the kind of place that Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Highland Park area would likely rely on heavily during the summer months when you’re fixing up the backyard for those fun summer barbecues and pool parties! Their hours are quite limited here compared to the big stores like Home Depot below, but it’s worth getting there during their hours of operation just because of the personalized service and excellent shopping experience. Excellent location for our Highland Park area customers. Really a great spot to shop.

Home Depot
18700 Meyers Rd, Detroit, MI
As you know, Home Depot is the number one home improvement retailer in the world, and it’s the go-to spot for virtually anything that you need for your home. Whether you are repairing, renovating, or building from scratch, Home Depot will surely have what you need to get the job done affordably and fast. This location is so convenient for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Highland Park area, located right on Meyers Road in Detroit, and they open early and close late so that you will have a chance to get in there before or after work. Super convenient! They offer truck rentals which is something that you won’t find at the smaller hardware stores, and they have a superb appliance selection too. Great selection of doors, windows, and bathroom fixtures as well. They have it all!

Tony’s Ace Hardware
24011 John R Rd, Hazel Park, MI
Tony’s Ace Hardware is another local Ace location that we highly recommend to our Highland Park area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. This one’s actually located in nearby Hazel Park, and it’s just such a cozy and cute little location, very welcoming and inviting. They have virtually everything you could ever need when it comes to specialized tools and hardware, especially if you’re after an older item that you think they might no longer carry at a Home Depot or a Lowe’s location. The small town feel is a major perk and we love the fact that the customer service is so top notch here. They will help you to find anything that you need, and you’ll never find yourself wandering these aisles aimlessly. Super well stocked, super excellent staff, super great shopping experience. We can’t praise them more!