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Welcome! Metro Detroit Tree Service is happy that you're here. It indicates you are considering us for your tree service requests. We'd like to think we're the hardest-working tree service company in the area. You can choose from tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, or stump grinding. And it's not just trees! We also offer our trimming, pruning, and removal services for your shrubs. We're your comprehensive source for anything tree or shrub related on your property. You can always reach us for an exceptional experience and a free estimate.

Did you know that Tree Trimming is a big job?

Trimming is an activity that demands specialized knowledge and years of practice. It provides strength to your trees. Now that the weak limbs are removed from a precise point. The ability to know if a branch is dead or dormant is essential for this task. That is why even when it is one of the tree services, that looks the easiest. Tree trimming is, in fact, a delicate job that implies your safety. It doesn't matter how long you've ignored your trees and shrubs; we can restore them in just one day. Even your tallest and most overgrown trees and shrubs will get a superior look.

Tree Pruning is tree Care.

Demonstrate the love you have for your greenery and give it a grooming session. If you would like services on a more regular basis, you'll want to opt for our shrub and tree pruning service. We'll go to your property at predetermined intervals to make sure that everything is kept at its best! We are here to make your vision real!

Let's discuss our tree removal services.

This is one of the most demanding tree services. Some of our customers had attempted the removal on their own and called for help with the stump removal. If that is your current situation, we will be happy to help with the stump grinding. Metro Detroit Tree Service has the whole tools and equipment package. Our tree removal services are available either as a paired set (stump removal included) or separately.

We are going to disappear those stumps for you while being delicate to your ground. If a sick tree has been causing panic, call us so we can bring back the calm to your yard. We are going to disappear those stumps for you while being delicate to your ground. If a sick tree has been causing panic, call us so we can bring back the calm to your yard. Do not wait until that tree generates a dangerous situation like most people do.

Timely manner Emergency Tree Service

We have a 24h team available for tree emergency services. If there is a threat from a tree on your property, do not hesitate and communicate! After a huge storm hits the area, emergencies may arrive, so keep our phone number on track. You never know when you will need a tree superhero, and...among us... We have the best service for a fair price in all of Michigan!

We're truly looking forward to receiving your call about Huron Tree service. Our office staff is ready to take your information to schedule your tree service. You can experience great customer service with us since the phone call! There's just no more experienced tree service company in this area. We will take that tree trimming you had proposed several times. We will remove any stump on your lot and will run to eliminate emergencies at your house. We're here to take care of your tree care needs and ensure that you're completely satisfied. Make your property shine like crazy diamonds! We're here to take care of it all from top to bottom. You are able to acquire one of our free estimates for whichever of our tree services.

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