Independence Home Improvement Stores

Home Depot
4150 Joslyn Rd, Auburn Hills, MI
If you’re in the Independence Township area of Michigan and you’re looking for the best and most reliable home improvement and home repair retailer, Metro Detroit Tree Service will always steer you toward Home Depot on Joslyn Road in nearby Auburn Hills. This location has served our professional needs for a very long time now, and we’re really appreciate of their knowledgeable staff and their always well-stocked shelves. Need lumber? They’ve got it. Need appliances, like washers, dryers, and refrigerators? Got those too. Need bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets, and showers? Got those as well. Salt for the sidewalks and driveways in winter? Check. Sand for the kids’ sandbox or to weigh something down? You bet. Truck rentals? Yep, and affordable too. They quite literally do have it all here.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
5591 Sashabaw Rd, Clarkston, MI
One place that Metro Detroit Tree Service will never hesitate to recommend if you’re in need of any home improvement or home repair goods is Great Lakes Ace Hardware. This location on Sashabaw Road in nearby Clarkston is a must-visit for our Independence Township area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. We’ve mentioned many times on our service area pages how reliable the Great Lakes family of stores is, and that’s why we never hesitate to recommend them to both our residential and commercial customers in this area. For all your hardware needs, this is as reliable as it gets. And the staff is so smart and knowledgeable, they’ll be able to take a peek at your blueprints or project plans and immediately find exactly what you need. Super affordable prices, awesome staff, and just so highly recommended!

Clarkston Ace Hardware
6669 Dixie Hwy, Clarkston, MI
Clarkston Ace Hardware is another Ace location that has never let Metro Detroit Tree Service down during our work in the Independence, MI area. This one is found on Dixie Highway, further east than our previous mention, so it might be more convenient for some of you, depending on where you live and work in the Independence area. They have great hours here, from 8-8 most days, from 8-7 on Saturdays, and from 9-5 on Sundays. We love that it’s independently owned, which means that you’ll get much better service than what you’ll find at a larger store like Lowe’s or Home Depot. And it’s so much closer than either of those, so you cannot beat the convenience. If you’re looking to replace a beloved old tool that finally conked out on you, this is the spot to check for something really special and worthy of you!

Burke Lumber Do-It Center
4315 Dixie Hwy, Waterford, MI
Burke Lumber Do-It Center is a really beloved spot out here in Waterford, very conveniently located for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Independence area of Michigan. If you’re seeking lumber, this is your go-to spot out here, and if you need anything hardware related, this is also your must-stop. The selection of items is absolutely out of this world, just like all of the locations that are attached to the Do-It Center brand. The folks who work here are some of the sweetest that you’ll ever meet, so cheerful and so knowledgeable about all of the items that they stock. You’ll feel very comfortable relying on them for all of your hardware and lumber needs, and this will clearly become a favorite for you once you’ve had your first shopping experience here. A top Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation!