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Keego Harbor's tree services for lawn maintenance!

Welcome! We're Keego Harbor's most reliable tree service. We're genuinely looking forward to doing business with you. We know that you want the best for your trees and shrubs, and we're ready to give them a curb appeal. We know that Keego Harbor, MI, inhabitants are hard workers that may need a hand to keep the yard splendid. We are experts in all kinds of properties, whether commercial or family-owned. We will look after you no matter what you need to do that's tree, land, and shrub-related. As a matter of fact, we even offer emergency services 24/7.

Are you looking for sublime landscaping for your house?

Metro Detroit Tree Service is the ideal tree company for those in search of a sensational facade. We offer the most stunning tree trimming services around Keego Harbor. Do not concern yourself if your trees have been neglected for quite some time. We will go to rehabilitate your greenery. So your property does not look out of place in Keego Harbor's picturesque scenery. Do you need a tree master to achieve an editorial look for your house? We would say YES! Trim trees may look uncomplicated for some, but it demands knowledge. It is a requisite to be able to tell if the tree limbs are in good condition. Not every mortal is able to tell a dormant limb from a dead branch. That is a must before cutting any offshoot. So getting a tree trimmed is not just about the looks; it is also about tree care and health

Do you need tree Pruning services in Keego Harbors, MI?

If you love the trimming outcome, you'll want to schedule us for a tree pruning service. By the way, These are both available for your trees or shrubs! Keep things looking fantastic with regularly scheduled pruning service.

Tree removal services for Keego Harbor, MI

We love to save trees with careful pruning and trimming. However, there are times when they're just too sick. Sometimes even dead. If that is the case, it is wise to get that tree removed. Sometimes they are just inconveniently located. We're here to remove your trees and to provide stump-grinding services. No matter if you get the full removal bundle or just the stump removal, we are going to be delicate to your ground. With Metro Detroit Tree Service, you won't have to look for other tree removal companies to deal with downed trees on your property.

Are hanging tree limbs threatening your roof?

Our emergency services, as mentioned above, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Don't worry when those scary storms threaten serious property damage. We'll get those heavy limbs out of the way before they fall.

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We are pleased to be the highest quality tree services company in the Keego Harbor, MI area. We just cannot wait to show you precisely what we can do for your property's beauty. Our services are very affordable and yet of five-star quality. Our in-office staff and road crew are really courteous. They are always looking for your satisfaction! If it is your desire, you can get one of our free estimates and then several quotes from others... We know you will choose Metro Detroit Tree Service. No one has such a reasonable price!

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We will go and create amazing facades and help to clean lots in: Commerce Township, Auburn Hills, Lake Orion, Farmington Hills, Sterling Heights, Walled Lake and Bloomfield Hills. We are all around the Oakland County.

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