Keego Harbor Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Keego Harbor's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're Keego Harbor's most reliable tree service and we're truly looking forward to doing business with you. We know that you want the best for your trees and shrubs, and we're ready to restore them to their former beauty. We offer Keego Harbor tree trimming, Keego Harbor tree pruning, Keego Harbor tree removal, and Keego Harbor stump grinding. No matter what you need done that's tree and shrub related, we've got you covered. As a matter of fact, we even offer emergency services 24/7, so no matter what time of the evening those violent storms blow through, you can rest assured knowing that you've got someone on call to mitigate any property damage! We're always here to take your calls.

Keego Harbor Tree Trimming: Tree trimming is generally a one-time service to restore your trees to their former glory after they have been neglected for quite some time. It's understandable, we all have so much going on these days! You think you'll get around to it, but you don't. Take it off your to-do list and put it on ours.

Keego Harbor Tree Pruning: When you love what you see from that one-time tree trimming service, you'll want to schedule us for regular tree pruning service. These are both available for your trees AND shrubs, by the way! Keep things looking fantastic with regularly scheduled pruning service.

Keego Harbor Stump Grinding: We love to save trees with careful pruning and trimming, but sometimes they're just too sick or already dead and need to be removed, or sometimes they are just inconveniently located. We're here to remove your trees and to provide stump grinding services as well.

Keego Harbor Tree Service: Our emergency services, as mentioned above, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Don't worry when those scary storms threaten serious property damage. We'll get those heavy limbs out of the way before they fall.

We believe we're the highest quality tree service in the Keego Harbor area and we just cannot wait to show you precisely what we can do for the beauty of your property. We'd love for you to give us a call or shoot us an email so we can tell you more about ourselves and get you set up for a free estimate. We'll come out to your property and take a look at the work that needs to be done, get it all fleshed out on paper and give you that free, no-obligation estimate. Our services are very affordable and our in-office staff and road crew are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. Call us today!

Now, if you're still doing some DIY tree work, you might want to know the home improvement stores that we rely on most often when we're doing work in the Keego Harbor area. We've relied on all of the stores below when a tool breaks or we need an additional unexpected piece of equipment. The prices are always really affordable and the staff at all these stores are always very friendly and helpful!

1801 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI
Lowe’s is an easy go-to for any home repair or home improvement needs, and this location on Telegraph Road in Bloomfield Hills is beyond perfect for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Keego Harbor area. We tend to think of Lowe’s as more specialized toward the DIY and residential customer versus Home Depot, and that’s why we think it’ll be great for those of you who are our residential customers in this area, though we’d recommend it just as highly to our commercial customers too. Super high quality items, amazing prices, and an amount of inventory that simply cannot be beat. Everything is always in stock, and anything really obscure or hard to find can be ordered quick and cheap! We love this location for their gardening section in the warmer months of the year.

Home Depot
545 S Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI
Like we said in our Lowe’s review above, we feel that they are a bit more DIY and Home Depot is a bit more commercial or contractor related, but it’s great for anyone who is working on any renovation or repair project, whether at home or at their place of business. This location is on Telegraph Road in nearby Pontiac, just right for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Keego Harbor area. There’s no better place for your tools and appliances, so get to shopping! They will take really good care of you here. Smart staff, low prices, well-stocked shelves. Home Depot is, after all, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, so you know that you can always rely on them for virtually anything that you may need. Super generous hours so you can get there either before or after work without disrupting your schedule!

McNab’s Hardware
3681 Elizabeth Lake Rd, Waterford, MI
McNab’s Hardware offers a more neighborhood hardware store type of experience for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Keego Harbor area, and we just love it. It is family owned and operated, and the customer service that you receive here is just on a completely different level than what you will find at Lowe’s or Home Depot, or even Ace, ACO, or True Value! Even the Do-It Centers can’t come close to the quality of this place. We just love it. The prices beat all the other guys too, and the staff is so super helpful, you just won’t believe it. If you’re confused about a project you’re working on, let them look over your plans and see if they can figure out what you need. Very likely, they’ll have the answer for you in seconds. Very highly recommended by Metro Detroit Tree Service to all our customers.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
5070 Highland Rd, Waterford, MI
And finally we come to our last Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation for the Keego Harbor area, which is Great Lakes Ace Hardware. We’ve recommended the Great Lakes family of stores a number of times on all of our service area pages because there are so many locations throughout Michigan. We rely on them regularly for our needs when doing Metro Detroit Tree Service jobs all over the state, and we think that you should certainly check out this location if you live or work in the Keego Harbor area. We love the whole Ace chain, and we love that they’re all independently owned and operated, giving you that perfect blend of consistency and quality, that ideal blend of chain and independent. Known for their selection of household tools and hardware. They really do have it all here, and all affordable too!