Lake Orion Home Improvement Stores

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
584 N Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI
When it comes to home improvement shopping in the Lake Orion area, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than Great Lakes Ace Hardware on Lapeer Rd. This is a go-to for all of our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in this area, and it’s a go-to for us, as well. We’ve been so impressed with the staff at this particular location. They’ve really gone far out of their way to make sure that we are fully accommodated and that we get everything that we need, even if they have to special order something that’s not regularly in stock. Typically, what you’re after IS in stock though, and they can take you straight to it in a couple of seconds flat. Great array of household tools and gardening items here, and more of an old fashioned vibe than the flashy new corporate stores that we’re used to nowadays.

Home Depot
2500 S Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI
Speaking of flashy corporate stores… well, maybe flashy isn’t the right word. Home Depot, corporate or not, is an excellent place to get virtually anything that you need for your home improvement needs. We have certainly relied on them on a very frequent basis as contractors out here in the Lake Orion area, and our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers have relied on them too, whenever they are working on home repairs or a special project. We’ve recommended this location on many occasions, not just for their very convenient truck rentals and lumber department, but also for their plumbing supplies and for their beautiful lighting department. If you need paint, they do a great job of mixing the colors here and they have an outstanding selection. The showers, tubs, and toilets are of the highest quality too.

Tom’s Do-It Best Hardware
558 S Lapeer Rd, Oxford, MI
Tom’s Hardware is part of the Do-It Best line of stores, and if you know anything about the Metro Detroit Tree Service crew, you know that we love these shops. They feature so many excellent home improvement and home repair items, all in a conveniently sized store that doesn’t take an hour to walk through like a Home Depot or a Lowe’s. They have virtually everything here, from automotive to building materials, from cleaning supplies to electrical, from hand tools to hardware, from home accents to holiday items. They’ve even got kitchen and bath items here, and office items as well! You’ll be really surprised at how much they can elegantly cram into such a not-enormous space! Great selection of power tools too, and even work clothing. They really do have it all. Very highly recommended by Metro Detroit Tree Service.

1158 S Lapeer Rd, Lake Orion, MI
Sherwin-Williams has really blown our mind with their incredible longevity and their amazing availability of paint shades. They have actually been around since the mid-1800s, if you can believe that, and they offer a mind blowing array of more than 1,500 shades so that you can choose just the right color for your bathroom, bedroom, living room, or kitchen. No need to second guess your choices either, as the staff really knows their stuff and they will help you to choose just the right finish and shade based on your particular preferences. The prices are always affordable and the products are of the highest quality we’ve ever seen when it comes to paint. To say that Metro Detroit Tree Service is impressed would be an understatement!