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 Great experience with a tree removal with local tree service company that offers grinding services near Rochester Hills and Sterling Heights.
 Landscape company worker  doing a great job trimming  pine trees in an Oakland County back yard near Mount Clemens.
Having one of the best experiences while  shrub trimming in family owned facade after lawn clean up.

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Welcome! Metro Detroit Tree Service has been serving this area for years, always delivering an excellent job. That is the reason we are known as a top-of-the-line tree care and landscape company in every place we visit, on top of that, for a fair price. It won't matter if you call us just for a few trees or many... We are trained to deal with residential and commercial properties! In case you need a clean up for your new lot acquisition, we will have a team fully equipped to provide an amazing job. If you need assistance removing trees with a disease, we have a tree doctor for the extraction! We can give you a hand with that shrub trimming or tree trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal service you require.

If it's been a long time since your trees have been trimmed?

Metro Detroit Tree Service is here with its tree trimming service to make your trees ready for a film! That might be a formidable task for you, but not for us! We've got you. Our shrub or tree trimming services are perfect for avoiding disheveled greenery! We will spruce up your property and make those branched folks look great again. Furthermore, this is a tree service that will get your trees vital and strong. When we trim your greenery, we get rid of and take care of those heavy branches before they really become a problem!

Do you want to keep your facade looking sharp? We'll be out on whatever schedule you prefer to keep that front yard as perfect as possible. Call and set up our tree pruning service today!

Learn about our tree removal services!

Our pride is in delivering beautiful and safe environments. We love to trim trees and leave them strong. Nonetheless, the time to say goodbye to a tree and do a tree removal always arrives, and more if safety is involved. Due to that, our tree service portfolio includes tree removal. It is a service that includes stump grinding, yet you can also just set up a stump removal itself. We comprehend there are tons of tree passionate that may start the removal and request aid to get rid of the stump.

We highly recommend removing trees before they create an emergency. When trees are sick and neglected, they end up generating property damage. It is always better to get a tree removed before it decides to hug your roof. You would really prefer to pay for the removal or grinding services, than to reconstruct your garage. Free estimates are available for those communicating about our tree removal services. So just contact our office staff! Our courteous and awesome job extends to the complete team! Let's provide your trees a good time.

Tree Services in case of emergency in Lake Orion.

We also offer our emergency services on a 24-hour basis, so whenever you need us, we're right here for you. You don't want to waste time when a violent storm causes serious damage to your trees! Especially if it threatens damage to your home. That means that even if a wild storm rips through Lake Orion at dawn, you can reach us! Our team of experts will get there in a timely manner.

Does Metro Detroit Tree Service offer other tree services besides the above ones?

There's really no tree care or shrub-related service that we won't provide for you. If you are in need of some lawn services, we can do it as well! We can do that deep root feeding your facade is screaming for. We are a tree service company that will elevate your house's appearance. Our experts will create the most beautiful bed of flowers around your property. We have a free estimate available for those that reach us, so do not hesitate!

We're always here to take care of you. There's no limit to the services that we can provide. Curve appeal is not a privilege, so we have a bundle for all budgets. Phone us and schedule your tree service today with Metro Detroit Tree Service. Compare side by side several quotes if you wish. We know our fair prices are unconquerable!

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