Lincoln Park Home Improvement Stores

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3584 Fort St, Lincoln Park, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware is a clear go-to for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers who are located in the Lincoln Park area of Michigan. When you need to pick up some hardware or other supplies for your home improvement project, there is no more convenient location than this, perhaps except Sears (below), depending on where in the city your home is located. As with all Ace hardware stores, this one features a mind blowing array of hardware and household tools, plus lots of great gardening supplies and other excellent items that you’ll want to take advantage of during the summer months when you’re preparing for all those fun summery BBQs by the pool. The hours are of course a bit more limited here compared to the big retailers, but we like the personalized service and specialized items even more!

2100 Southfield Rd, Lincoln Park, MI
Sears has been going strong for so many decades, and this last vestige of the good old days is still a modern force for good in the home improvement space out here in Lincoln Park! If you aren’t expecting that, then head over and be pleasantly surprised. The rest of the surrounding shopping center may have fallen into ruins, but Sears is still beautifully kept and their home improvement departments are as good as they ever were. Their famous brands are still going strong and their warranties are second to none. You don’t have to worry about repairs on items that you purchase here, because they take care of it for you, no questions asked. Our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Lincoln Park area swear by this Sears location, and we visit it often when we are in the area too! Very highly recommended to you.

Home Depot
3163 Fairlane Dr, Allen Park, MI
What can we tell you about the number one home improvement retailer that you don’t already know? They are the most reliable and most well-stocked hardware store in the world, and they’re so much more than just a hardware store. The convenient location of this Allen Park one, found in the Fairlane Green shopping center, is a major perk, and it is very convenient for our Lincoln Park area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers who need to pick up a last minute item for a project. We’ve been known to head over there too, when we’re working on a tree project in LP and a piece of equipment breaks down and we have to replace a part quickly. When you need the job done quick and done right, you know that you can always go to Home Depot for whatever it is you need. Truck rentals, great lumber section… just a total winner.

23111 W Outer Dr, Allen Park, MI
And finally we come to Lowe’s, but don’t let its position as last on our list fool you into thinking that it’s last in our priorities! This Lowe’s in Allen Park serves our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Lincoln Park area, and its convenient location in Independence Marketplace (a.k.a. “The Hill”) is a major perk too! Just like Home Depot, it’s huge and well stocked, and they have a hardworking staff that really knows their way around the store. They know what you need, where to find it, and what you need to do with it when you get it. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. They are there to help and they’re happy to do it. These giant aisles are fun to browse even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and we’re partial to cruising through the lighting department as well as the door/window department when we’ve got the time! Always fun.