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 Michigan tree in a trimming session
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arbor man producing raw materials with grinding machine from Michigan tree stump

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We offer a cordial greeting to you! Metro Detroit Tree Service is the favorite tree service company in Michigan! How we accomplished that status? Thanks to our years of outstanding service. We are here to support you when you require lot clearing procedures, when you need a hand to do tree trimming or tree pruning in difficult locations... To do tree planting and increase the number of members of your green family... or if your property demands our tree removal services. We will love to assist in the beautification of your commercial property! Call and inquire for a free estimate!

The easiest way to keep your trees healthy!

Tree trimming is a tree service that will create a safe environment for humans and trees. When you trim trees, you are not just grooming the trees to make them look good; you are giving an injection of health. This is our favorite tree service due to its fantastic results. The tree gets stronger after a trimming session, and fruit production is boosted. This dose of strength is the result of the removal of dead branches that block the sunlight to the inner limbs. Tree trimming is also useful for mitigating storm damage.

When a tree is trimmed, branches are eliminated, and the chances of getting a flying limb while the wind blows are reduced. The tree's structure is also modified and redirected. A well-maintained tree is a way to prevent an emergency. Our team specializes in shrub trimming as well... if your facade has some neglected shrubs, our experts will make them look brand new!

Metro Detroit Tree Service also provides tree pruning services to prolong the trimming outcome. What are you waiting for to schedule our tree services? With a phone call and some details, we can set up one of our free estimates!

Professional tree removal services in Livonia, MI

Removing trees from your yard is not an easy assignment if you do have the knowledge and the equipment. We can check that task from your to-do list in a blink! Our tree removal services include stump removal or stump grinding. Metro Detroit Tree Service guarantees a solid yet delicate process to perform tree and stump removal. Once you get that large tree stump removed, you will notice no harm on your ground... so a future tree planting may occur ( if you wish). Dead trees may generate property damage if you do not deal with them on time.

Dead trees showcase risk, so tree removal is an obligation once you spot a dead tree on your property. Metro Detroit Tree Service hires the finest staff to perform stump removal services with proficiency. We are aware that stump grinding is the hardest procedure in the tree removal process. It is the part of the process that demands more specific instruments. Once you hire tree removal services with us, you get stump grinding as part of the bundle. However, we are conscious that tree passionates may start the removal to get only the stump removal services. So Metro Detroit Tree Service has a bundle for each client and its needs: those that require just the stump cutter service (not all tree service companies offer stump removal as a standalone service, so keep us in mind!). Our grinding services are also a perfect match for those looking to get raw materials from tree debris. Do not worry if you require the service on a commercial property; we have a package for you as well!

Is there a storm alert? Metro Detroit Tree Service is always ready for Tree emergency services!

Each time a wild storm hits Michigan, we have our team prepared to offer aid for storm damage. An emergency requires immediate action! If one of your trees falls on your power lines, we will send an arbor man to remove it safely. If the storm damage is so serious and the tree is on your neighbors' power lines, we will make you look good.

Snow removal services in Livonia, MI

Snow removal is also part of our tree service portfolio. You can also get our services during the winter months to get that snow removed! Our snow removal services are available at Livonia but also at Garden City, Farmington Hills, Allen Park, or the South East Michigan area. Just check the availability via phone! A free estimate is possible with just a call!

Are you in a construction project?

If you have construction plans for your new property, but the land is not prepared yet, we do have land clearing services in Livonia! Our land clearing services are perfect for arranging the land so you can make your project real! We do also offer services from our landscape service team for those looking for property beautification!

We can do a bunch of tree services, we do not dedicate just to lot clearing, tree removal, tree trimming or shrub trimming. If your Livonia tree demands another tree job, we will do it too! Get a top tree green family in your yard with our services in Livonia, MI.

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