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Welcome! We're Melvindale's five-stars tree services company! Metro Detroit Tree Service supports you with your tree care chores. We have a team of experts that will assist with the tree trimming or the tree removal you've been postponing. Our experts are known for offering a sublime tree care experience! By the hand of our tree care crew, your facade goals will be accomplished! The best of it? You can sit and relax while our landscaping masters perform the tree service of your choice. In addition, you won't have to empty your bank account for it! Metro Detroit Tree service is famous for its fair costs! Give us a call whenever you want to give your yard a brand-new look and a free estimate!

We're dedicated to delivering a truly incredible experience for commercial and residential customers. From start to finish, you will be treated to the utmost in customer service. We want you to be completely satisfied when the tree care job is done. Afterward, we know that you'll leave a positive review for us and recommend our tree care outcome to your neighbors as well!

Learn about our tree trimming services in Melvindale, MI!

Due to the fantastic results, we are proud to be Michigan's favorite tree care service company. Each tree that has met the Metro Detroit Tree Service hands gets a healthy and sensational look. During the tree trimming visit, our experts examine your property's greenery. Thus cleaning up any overgrowth branches and removing all dead limbs. So our tree care experts will be providing a boost to the trees' flora production and increasing fruit fabrication. Tree trimming is a great tree service choice for those who want strong and pretty trees and shrubs. Tree trimming is really easy to schedule, easy to fit into your budget.

Metro Detroit Tree Service also offers tree pruning services. Our shrub and tree pruning service is the best way to preserve the tree trimming outcome on your foliage. So the tree pruning service is a tree service Melvindale designed to maintain all kinds of properties in tip-top condition! If you want to know the rate for your tree trimming or any tree care job, call! We can deliver a free estimate!

When to consider our tree removal services in Melvindale, MI?

Metro Detroit Tree Service loves to restore, maintain and provide tree care to your trees. Yet, sometimes, tree removal is necessary, and it is also tree care! You should consider it mandatory to perform tree removal when a tree is ill or infected. It is also wise to get a tree removal service when the tree's structure is compromised (due to storm damage: during winter or spring). Stump removal is also beneficial and considered tree care as you prevent pest appearance. No matter the reason, we will do that tree removal and stump grinding you would like on your house. You can also solicit just the stump grinding service if you already fell the tree's truck. We offer several options for every and singular need related to tree removal and stump grinding. If you request the whole tree removal package, you also get the stump removal included. You can also get only the stump grinding procedure to get some wood chips and profit from the tree stumps on your property. Your stump grinding can be perfect with us.

Please reach us if you want to know how much you will have to pay for your tree removal service. After some details, we can establish a free quote for the tree removal service you want to perform. It would be the same to know the rate for a stump grinding method.

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We also offer emergency services 24/7/365! So don't hesitate to reach out to us when you're in emergency circumstances due to storm damage. Communicate if you have a large tree tangled on your power lines or if you see that it is about to fall over your house. We're here to take your calls ALWAYS! And we can be out there in a timely manner to bring safety and calm again.

Please remember to do your tree care chores and necessary stump grinding to avoid emergencies!

What is the Metro Detroit Tree service tree care and stump grinding jobs coverage extension?

We are a tree service company dedicated to giving a hand to those in need of tree care in Melvindale, MI, and nearby locations. Places like Allen Park are part of our map. Take a look at our tree care service area and do not forget to call and get a free estimate for your stump grinding or any tree care chore you require!

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