Melvindale Home Improvement Stores

Melvindale Hardware
18531 Allen Rd, Melvindale, MI
Melvindale Hardware is an old standby for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in this area, really a beloved place where you know that you can conveniently get what you need, and you’ll always be treated with common courtesy and respect. You might not expect a smaller, old fashioned hardware shop like this to have what you need for your modern-day projects, but take a peek and be pleasantly surprised. Their shelves are so well stocked with virtually every piece of hardware and every tool out there. Whether you’re replacing something truly antique or fixing something brand new, they are highly likely to have exactly what you are after. The fact that it’s so conveniently located, that the staff is so wonderfully friendly, and that the prices are ALWAYS right are just further icing on the cake! Love it!

Home Depot
3163 Fairlane Dr, Allen Park, MI
Home Depot is an easy choice when you’ve got a project that you’re working on. After all, the world’s largest home improvement retailer is certain to have exactly what you need for whatever it is that you are working on. This is the newest Home Depot location in the Downriver area and it’s just as fantastic as the old tried-and-true one on Eureka by Southland Mall. They’re open super early and super late, just like all the other Home Depot locations, which is a perk if you work the typical 9-5 hours and it’s hard for you to get to most other hardware stores because they’re closed when you’re off work! They’re usually open 6am-10pm, so you can get there before or after work easily. We love their affordable truck rentals and their vehicles are so reliable too. Excellent appliance selection and always stocked shelves in every dept!

23111 W Outer Dr, Allen Park, MI
Lowe’s is another new player in this area of Allen Park, a fresh and huge home improvement retailer that gives Home Depot some really serious competition! Located in the neighboring shopping center to the previous mention, this one is equally competent and we’d have a hard time recommending one over the other. Both have superb lumber sections, great plumbing departments, excellent lighting, lots of appliances and equipment, gardening areas, and so much more. Both offer truck rentals, both affordable and reliable. Both have quick checkout and excellent service by all employees in the store, as evidenced by our frequent visits to both of these Downriver locations. Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in Melvindale adore this place and so do we! Definitely a very high recommendation from us.

2100 Southfield Rd, Lincoln Park, MI
Would you believe that Sears is still going strong after all these years? The shopping center around it has fallen into disrepair and has virtually no tenants at the time of this writing, but Sears itself is still going strong. Still reliable, still well stocked with everything you could ever need in every department. Of course, our recommendation is for their home improvement and home repair departments, but we’d recommend Sears as a department store for virtually any purpose. You can truly do some one-stop shopping in the old fashioned sense while you’re there, and you may even reminisce about the good old days at the candy counter when it was still there! If you were born and raised in the Melvindale or Downriver area, you likely have a lot of happy memories here. Make some new ones and help keep them in business!