Orchard Lake Village Home Improvement Stores

1801 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI
When our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Orchard Lake Village area ask us where the best places are to shop for home improvement and home repair items, we always point them to this Lowe’s as well as the Home Depot listed below, followed by two of our favorite smaller stores which we have also reviewed below. We’ve come to trust these locations over the years as we have relied on them for our own needs, and we think you’ll really enjoy your shopping experience at this Lowe’s. Very much geared toward the DIY type of person, this convenient location on Telegraph Road has a wonderful staff who will help you to coordinate your projects and find the perfect items to make them a smashing success. Very professional folks working here, a very well-organized store, and great prices to boot!

Home Depot
545 S Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI
As with Lowe’s, Home Depot is an easy go-to no matter where you’re located, but if you’re in Orchard Lake Village, Metro Detroit Tree Service will always steer you toward this location on Telegraph in nearby Pontiac. They have taken such good care of us over the years when we have needed equipment or other items for our jobs in this area, and we recommend them highly because of their early and late hours as well as for their convenient truck rentals. We’ve been really impressed with the fact that they seem to always have everything in stock, and we really do mean everything. We’ve never had to wait for anything to be ordered here. Their appliance selection is unbeatable and we love the lumber and plumbing departments as well. Definitely a top recommendation for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers.

Commerce Ace Hardware
3050 Union Lake Rd, Commerce, MI
All of the Ace locations have been very good to the Metro Detroit Tree Service crew too, and we definitely recommend this Commerce Ace Hardware location to our Orchard Lake Village area customers. As you probably already know, Ace has taken over the ACO brand and they are steadily growing even larger than they ever were before. They deliver the consistency of a chain establishment along with the comfort of a family-owned store, since the individual locations are independently owned. That’s our favorite thing about the Ace chain. They have an absolutely unbeatable selection of household tools and gardening supplies here, so if you’re looking to spruce up your place for the coming spring or summer season, this is definitely your spot! A top Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation.

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
8030 Cooley Lake Rd, White Lake, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware is another one that we very highly recommend on a regular basis, regardless of which location we’re talking about. In this case, we’re talking about the one in White Lake, very convenient for our Orchard Lake Village area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. As with the previous Ace location, they’re known for their excellent selection of household tools, gardening supplies, and even cleaning supplies. They’ve got just about everything you could imagine to keep your home running smoothly and to keep all your appliances and vehicles running soundly too, so don’t be afraid to rely on this place for all of your home repair and renovation needs. They’ve got you covered in every possible way. Very friendly staff and prices that you just cannot beat, no matter where you go! Highly recommended.