Ortonville Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Ortonville's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're the number one source for the very best Ortonville tree service. We've been proudly serving this area for quite a few years now and have really built up a great customer base here that we hope to include you in! We offer Ortonville tree trimming, Ortonville tree pruning, Ortonville tree removal service, and even Ortonville stump grinding. Our services extend to shrubs as well, and we also offer emergency services 24/7 whenever you need them. We are here to take care of all of the trees and shrubs on your property, to keep everything looking healthy and lush, and taking care of any overgrowth from years of improper trimming or lack of trimming altogether. Call us for a free estimate today!

Ortonville Tree Trimming: Our tree trimming service is offered on an as-needed basis, so if you're feeling that your trees and shrubs have been neglected for a bit too long and you want to get that overgrowth tamed to reveal their natural state of beauty, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Ortonville Tree Pruning: Our tree pruning service is offered on a more regular basis, where we come out on a pre-set schedule to prune your trees and shrubs, keeping your yard in order and making it look just fantastic for you, your neighbors, and your visitors to enjoy!

Ortonville Stump Grinding: We love to preserve your trees and shrubs in their naturally pristine condition, but sometimes they do have to go, and when that's the case, we're here for your Ortonville tree removal service and stump grinding service as well.

Ortonville Tree Service: As mentioned above, we also offer emergency services. Storm damage can cause a whole lot of property damage! Especially when your trees are already overgrown. Be proactive with early trimming and pruning, but call us when those storms blow through for those dangerous dangling broken branches!

We'd love to hear from you regarding your Ortonville tree service needs! We're readily available to come out and give you a free estimate for everything that you need done. You'll love working with our phone reps as well as our tree servicers. They're all exceptionally professional and truly amazing at what they do. We only hire the very best, and you get to reap all the rewards of that. All you've got to do is call us up or send us an email. If you're emailing us, consider attaching some photos of your trees and shrubs along with a note about what you have in mind. We look forward to making your trimming and pruning vision a reality!

While we understand that you're here seeking professional tree service in Ortonville, we've got some recommendations for great local home improvement stores and hardware stores that you can take advantage of when you are doing your own yard work or other home improvement tasks. These are the establishments that we have visited ourselves when we're doing work in the area. They have affordable prices and very friendly staff that'll help you find precisely what you need. Here are our top recommendations.

Thompson’s Hardware Store
30 South St, Ortonville, MI
Thompson’s Hardware Store is a good old fashioned neighborhood hardware store that you can always rely on if you live or work in the Ortonville area. Metro Detroit Tree Service has relied on them many times when we’ve got need for a last minute item during jobs in this area, and we have been very impressed. We’ve also heard nothing but good things about them from our customers. The customer service will always be above and beyond what you’ll get at the big corporate stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, and though we appreciate them too, we just can’t get enough of this great old fashioned hardware store experience. Very knowledgeable staff and prices that simply cannot be beat. Truly one of Metro Detroit Tree Service’s top recommendations for our Ortonville customers, no doubt!

Ortonville Ace Hardware
440 N Ortonville Rd, Ortonville, MI
Ortonville Ace Hardware is another easy go-to in this area! All the Ace locations are truly aces as far as we’re concerned, taking good care of the customer and making sure that all their needs are tended to. We can vouch for that, as the Metro Detroit Tree Service crew has been their customer many times! This particular location is one that we visited recently during a job and we were really happy with everything that we saw there. The shelves were well-stocked and well-organized, the staff was very knowledgeable about all the items that we asked them about, and the prices for everything that we needed were definitely in the reasonable range. The array of household tools, gardening supplies, and cleaning supplies is outstanding, and it’s a go-to for all spring and summer yardwork items. Absolutely tops!

True Value Hardware
9797 Reese Rd, Clarkston, MI
There aren’t as many True Value locations in Michigan as there are of all the other guys, so when we do get the chance to visit one, we always do. We love this one on Reese Road in nearby Clarkston, just a quick jaunt if you are living or working in the Ortonville area. The Metro Detroit Tree Service crew has visited a few times so far and we’ve had nothing but great shopping experiences here. Similar to Ace, this is a chain establishment where the individual stores are owned and operated by independent people. We appreciate and enjoy that fact. You get a much more personalized experience, and the selection of tools and equipment is much more specialized, as is their knowledge of said tools and equipment. Superb prices, excellent customer service, and a convenient location that can’t be beat!

Brown’s Do-It Center
7281 S State Rd, Goodrich, MI
Metro Detroit Tree Service is a big fan of any Do-It Center locations in Michigan, and Brown’s Do-It Center on State Road in nearby Goodrich is really an excellent choice if you’re in or around Ortonville. They will always take good care of you and you won’t find a better small town feel than they have here. They have a wide selection of items here too, from hardware and equipment to gifts and goodies for the holidays. It’s always a treat to stop in and see what their featured items are at any given time. It’s true that you’ll pay a bit more here than you will at the big corporate chain stores, but it’s worth it for the experience and the wonderful customer service that you receive. We appreciate the fact that they employ locals too, keeping it true to the spirit of the city! Definitely the kind of place you want to visit.