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Complete care maintenance services for trees in Oxford, MI!

It is an honor for Metro Detroit Tree Service to have you here! We're the top-quality tree service company in Oxford, MI, and the Tri-county area! You can count on us to take care of your trees and shrubs! Metro Detroit Tree Service is a locally owned and operated company. We were created to revitalize your property's greenery with our tree services for a happy and fair price! Your greenery will be in the best hands possible! You can hire a professional from our crew to do your tree trimming, tree pruning, or tree removal. Our tree experts perform all types of tree care tasks, lawn care, or landscaping services. You can even create your own personal oasis in your yard with our support. Our experts will help you make great ideas come true. That landscape design you dream of is feasible.

We are known for having the most efficient staff, so we can quickly help to control pests and weeds. Our professionals have the experience and the knowledge to examine your trees. Thus, to determine if the tree needs a pruning or a trimming session. If you see your branched fellows weak, call us, and we can also diagnose the issue or the disease. Then it would be easy to understand what needs to be done; to get the tree fertilized or to get it removed. You can communicate with Metro Detroit Tree Service via phone to get our services. We will set up an appointment, and you can obtain a free estimate.

Let's clean up overgrowth branches!

Tree trimming and shrub trimming can be obtained on an as-needed basis whenever you need them. It doesn't matter whether your greenery has been ignored for quite some time. If it is significantly overgrown, we're here to give a hand. We'll have things looking stunning in just one day.

To keep your yard looking worthy of a magazine spread, set a visit to prune your trees. Tree pruning will help to make durable your trimming outcome. Get in touch with our office staff to get our services and offer health to your greenery. Free estimates are also obtainable with a call.

Tree removal services in Oxford, MI!

Sometimes trees need to go. Hiring a professional to offer an honorable farewell and avoid ground and property damage is highly recommended. Our removal package may include or not the stump grinding process. All will depend on your needs; if you just want stump removal, it is possible. Either way, we've got you covered. Call us so we can get rid of those annoying tree stumps you got so that you can have a good experience in your house. Do not forget that free estimates are available for those who get in touch with our representatives. You can get that tree removed for a very reasonable price!

Oh no! We have a green emergency!

Among the tree services offered by our company, we also have tree emergency coverage. Our emergency services are available 24/7 for customers. So even if a storm attacks at dawn, you'll be able to reach us on the phone. Save our phone number so you can easily get aid if you got a huge branch hanging over your roof. When nature attacks, effectiveness is a must, so do not doubt getting the most effective team of experts in Oxford, MI.

We will look after you whenever you need a hand to do your yard chores! Scheduling your services is as easy as dialing us up or shooting us an email. Our Oxford tree service is available whenever you need it and at a price that you can afford. We offer free estimates with zero obligation to do business with us. Reach out to us today, and let's make your yard a fantastic place.

We believe that excellent service begins with great communication, so we are here to hear you and help! When you communicate with our friendly office crew, you provide some details so we can determine a schedule for cutting your trees. Or for removing undesired weeds. We will improve your facade and backyard!

You can get our excellent job in surrounding areas like Lake Orion or Sterling Heights. Don't be afraid of asking for a service for another nearby location, we will do the stump grind you need around Oakland County. It is our pride to be the most reliable team among the state's companies, we know you will have a positive review of us! All of our users recommend us to their friends and neighbors due to our ability to serve and our fair pricing. Each and every particular service has been a success, and you can come next! We can do all your yard related wants. A fantastic job for your trees is awaiting you, Just contact us!

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