Plymouth Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Plymouth's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're so pleased that you're considering us for your Plymouth tree service needs. We take care of all tree maintenance services and even shrub services too! We offer Plymouth tree trimming, Plymouth tree pruning, Plymouth tree removal service, and even Plymouth stump grinding. The last two are offered as a combined service or separately when needed! And we also have emergency services available when urgent matters happen, such as a storm tearing through and causing serious damage to your trees that may even threaten worse property damage. We're here 24/7 for these things, so keep us in your contacts and know that we've got you covered!

Plymouth Tree Trimming: Our tree trimming services are easily attained whenever they're needed. It's a one-time standalone service that can take your trees and shrubs from neglected and overgrown to beautified and healthy. Just one trip to your property and we can have things looking brand new.

Plymouth Tree Pruning: When you like what you see from our tree trimming and shrub trimming service, you may want to schedule our regular tree pruning and shrub pruning services too! This is the specialized type of trimming that results in healthier and more lush looking trees and shrubs. It's affordable too!

Plymouth Stump Grinding: When tree removal and stump grinding is necessary, we're the ones to call. We can take care of what would be a daunting task for an individual, lightening your load when it comes to this week's tasks, and checking off that box for you with ease!

Plymouth Tree Service: We mentioned our emergency services above, and we just want you to know that we're always here for you when urgent needs arise. Storm damage, old dead trees shedding heavy limbs, sick trees, we do it all.

See all our services listed above? That's not even the extent of them. We will take care of any tree and shrub related services that other local companies have turned you down for. We're always here to take your calls with any questions or concerns about the greenery on your property, and we'd just love to come out and give you a free price quote with no obligation to hire us at all. One call or email, one visit to your property, and you've got an estimate in your hands that you can use to comparison shop or to go ahead and book that Plymouth tree service! Super simple, super affordable, and super professional tree service that simply cannot be beat.

If you are still doing some DIY yard work, we'd like to recommend a few local Plymouth home improvement stores and hardware stores that you can rely on for your needs. Why are we recommending these stores? Because they are the ones that we have visited ourselves when working in the area, and they have taken such great care of us time and time again. This is no paid sponsorship, just a real recommendation because they've served us well! We hope you'll hire us for our professional tree services, but when you're going DIY, these are your trusted stores!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
44441 Ann Arbor Rd W, Plymouth, MI
It’s no secret that Metro Detroit Tree Service is a big fan of Great Lakes Ace Hardware locations, having recommended them many times to our customers all over the state. This particular location is really excellent for our Plymouth area customers, located on Ann Arbor Road, and just stocked to the hilt with every possible item you could ever need. We always say that this is a great one whether you’re fixing a relic or upgrading the newest and finest, because they’ve got everything from those old and obscure items to the brand spankin’ new ones that you need for your most impressive modern fix-it projects! Yep, they really do have it all! And excellent service to help you find everything you need, plus the prices that are so low that they’ll have you coming back for more! A top recommendation from Metro Detroit Tree Service.

Home Depot
47725 5 Mile Rd, Plymouth, MI
Home Depot is always a clear choice for any Plymouth area Metro Detroit Tree Service customer who needs something at the last minute for their home improvement projects, and it’s a go-to for us too! We often have need for something during a project (things do come up unexpectedly in every job!) and Home Depot is the one place that we know we can always rely on for virtually anything that we’re after. The same goes for you. Whether you’re looking to replace an appliance, buy some new tools, pick up some hardware for a fix-it job, grab some plumbing supplies for your bathroom or laundry room repairs, get some lumber and build something from scratch, or even rent a truck to haul who-knows-what, Home Depot is the place for you. This one on 5 Mile couldn’t be any more conveniently located.

44080 Ford Rd, Canton, MI
Lowe’s is located in nearby Canton, so close by for our Plymouth area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers, and this one comes in a very close second to Home Depot if you ask us. They have virtually the same quality and consistency between stores, with just small details making the difference, and those preferences come down to the individual. You can find this location tucked away in Harvard Square Shopping Center, so you can get a little additional shopping done while you’re there, if you like. Like Home Depot, they offer truck rentals, tons of appliances, hardware, plumbing, lumber, and more, not to mention affordable and reliable truck rentals. They also open and close earlier and later than most of the smaller hardware stores, which is a major perk, of course. Always reliable and recommended.

Peters True Value Hardware
33533 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI
True Value hardware stores are always excellent, and Peters True Value Hardware on 5 Mile Road in nearby Livonia is no exception to that rule. This is a smaller place, still a chain, but independently run and that makes a world of difference. You get much more personalized service and the items that they carry tend to be much more specialized. It’s also easier to find more obscure or old fashioned items here, and you can either come on down and find out if they’ve got them, or just give them a quick call and find out before you head out. They’re very well known for their excellent selection of household tools, so if it’s time to finally replace that beloved hammer or drill that finally broke or conked out on you, this just might be the place to go for a worthy replacement. Super great service here. Highly recommended.