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Professional tree care full maintenance in Plymouth, MI!

Welcome! We're so pleased that you're considering us for your lawn service needs. Metro Detroit Tree Service takes care of all kinds of tree care services. Our team of tree experts will renovate your front yard look with a tree trimming session. We have the experience and the supplies to provide the best pest control service if that is what you need. Metro Detroit Tree Service is highly recommended across Michigan due to our flexibility. So we have a wide range of appointment options for business and busy people. We are aware that keeping a yard in pristine condition demands time, so we are here to support you! We are eager to do all your land clearing tasks. Besides our fantastic job, all our tree services have a great price to keep you and your pocket happy. You can also contact us to get stump grinding or removal service.

Renovate your property with our tree trimming services in Plymouth, MI!

The renovation of your facade is a must if you plan to sell your property. Our tree experts have years of experience trimming trees around our work area. We have mastered the trimming technique for big and small trees. Metro Detroit Tree Service was created to make possible a curb appeal for everyone. Due to that, we offer a terrific job for a reasonable price. During our tree trimming session, new tree branches will be able to get the sun's nutrients. Thus, boosting flora or fruit production. The structure of your shrubs and trees strengthens as the weak limbs get cut. Allow us the pleasure to trim trees in your house to offer a brand-new look!

Our tree trimming services are easily attained whenever they're needed. This is our preferred one from our tree services, as we offer a cocktail of charm and health to your greenery. Metro Detroit Tree Service passion is to see neglected and overgrown shrubs transformed into healthy ones. Just one trip to your property can make things look fantastic! Contact us so you can get that long-overdue trimming for your trees and a picturesque facade! After you see the results, you will want to keep doing business with us and get a tree pruning service. When we prune your trees, we maintain the structure obtained during trimming prune. You can earn one of our free estimates with a call!

We eliminate stumps and trees for a reasonable rate in Plymouth, MI with our tree removal service!

When tree removal and stump grinding is necessary, we're the ones to call. Even for saying goodbye to your green friends, we are delicate. Tree removal demands careful movements so adjacent trees are safe. No one wants accidents while the removal is performed! So it is better if you leave that tree removal service in professional hands. We do also have the equipment to do stump grinding; stump removal is included in the removal service. However, you can get just the stump removal as a stand-alone service.

Emergency Tree Service in Plymouth, MI!

We're always here for you when urgent needs arise. Storm damage, old dead trees shedding heavy limbs, sick trees, we do it all. When your family's integrity is threatened, immediate attention is a must! That is the reason why for our ALL-time availability. No matter the time, the month, or the date, you can count o us to bring safety back. Keep us in your contacts, so you can easily find us if required.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

We are convinced that great communication is the key to customer satisfaction. So our team is trained not only regarding trees but in excellent customer service. Do you not see your requirement in all the services listed above? That's not even the extent of them. We will take care of any tree care and land clear the stump removal job you require. Our hard working team will offer great care for your trees in nearby locations like Garden City, Walled Lake or Whitmore Lake. No matter your property's site, if it is in Oakland County, we can offer our hands to aid.

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