Romulus Home Improvement Stores

Romulus Hardware
36558 Goddard Rd, Romulus, MI
You can certainly find anything that you need for your home improvement projects at Romulus Hardware! This is an absolute go-to for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Romulus area. It’s been there for years, and when you see that familiar white awning outside, it really beckons you in and reminds you of all the good times you’ve spent shopping there over the years, working on all your special home improvement projects. Many have said that this is the best hardware store in town, and we would definitely agree with that. It’s old fashioned yet modern, with excellent service that makes you feel like you are royalty when you visit. You’re treated like family, and that makes all the difference in the world. Everything is always in stock and the store is always clean and tidy. No complaints from us!

Stears True Value Hardware
15031 Middlebelt Rd, Romulus, MI
Stears True Value Hardware is another classic favorite out here in the Romulus area for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. It’s small, cozy, and old fashioned, and yet they always have what you need, no matter how modern it may be. Their hours are pretty generous for being such a small place, open 9-6 most days, but closed on Sundays, because hey, everybody deserves a break, right? They have all the items always in stock, they’re very careful to keep up with inventory here. Whether you need something like a new screen for a door, a new tool to replace that old beloved one that you broke, or just some nuts and bolts to fix whatever it is that’s broken, you can be sure that Stears True Value Hardware has got you covered. Definitely a top recommendation for Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in Romulus.

Home Depot
11100 Telegraph Rd, Taylor, MI
Home Depot is an easy choice when it comes to all your home improvement and home repair needs, and if you live in the Romulus area, this one in Taylor is about as close by as it gets! Very convenient located in the midst of a whole lot of other great shopping and dining destinations, so you can hit a few places and get a few things done while you’re checking those hardware items off your list. What we really like about this Taylor location is that the staff is so outgoing and friendly, and they really know their way around the store and will help you find whatever you’re after. We’ve found that the staff in the appliance department is really excellent. Truck rentals are affordable and the vehicles are reliable, so if you’re moving or hauling a lot of stuff, this is a great option for you. Top Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation!

6555 N Newburgh Rd, Westland, MI
This Lowe’s location is found in nearby Westland, not too far away if you live or work in Romulus. We’re just as big of fans of Lowe’s as we are of Home Depot. After all, these are huge chains that stock just about everything you could ever desire in terms of home repair and home improvement needs. If you’re after lumber for a special building project, they can cut it to your specifications without any trouble at all. If you need plumbing supplies for your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, they have definitely got you covered in that area. Lots of nice extras here too, like doorbells, key fobs, mailboxes… if you’re shopping for a new bathtub or shower or toilet, their selection is outstanding too. And if you need to rent a truck for any reason under the sun, theirs are always affordable and reliable. Love this place!