Southfield Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Southfield's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're Southfield's premier tree service company, inviting you to give us a call whenever you have a pressing tree or shrub problem that needs a creative solution. We offer Southfield tree trimming, Southfield tree pruning, Southfield tree removal service, and even Southfield stump grinding. We're here for even your most obscure tree and shrub projects, whether big or small, and we're also here for emergency services around the clock every day of the year. Really, we're here 24/7 for you when those storms rage through. Just give us a call with any questions or concerns that you have, and we'll set you up with a free estimate at your convenience.

Southfield Tree Trimming: Tree trimming is going to be our basic service for you, the one that's offered as a one-time spruce-up for your property. This can include shrubs as well. We'll come out and take care of any overgrowth and trim everything back to a healthy level.

Southfield Tree Pruning: Tree pruning is our service that's provided on a regular basis, and as with tree trimming, this can include shrubs too. This is the healthiest option in the long term because we'll be keeping your trees and shrubs at their optimal state of health.

Southfield Stump Grinding: As much as we love trimming and pruning trees and keeping them at their best, sometimes trees do fall ill or die and need to be removed. Or sometimes they need to be removed just due to being inconveniently located. We offer tree removal and stump grinding, either together or separately when needed.

Southfield Tree Service: Our emergency services are available around the clock every day of the year, so when you've got a storm raging through and leaving dangling tree limbs over your home or cars, don't risk serious property damage by waiting until morning to call us! We're here and can come out right away.

We'd absolutely love to hear from you to set you up with an appointment for a free estimate. There's absolutely no obligation to do business with us, so you can feel free to comparison shop if you like. We're confident that you'll come to us because we are the most experienced and competitively priced, and so dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond to deliver exactly what you're after, and in the rare case that something isn't right, we will indeed make it right, period. You have our word on it. Give us a call today and let's discuss your plans for your trees and shrubs!

Now, if you're in need of a few things for your own home improvement projects, we'd like to recommend a few of our favorite local Southfield stores below. These are the ones that we have personally relied upon when performing Southfield tree service. They offered us great prices, helped us find everything we needed, helpfully answered any questions we had about the products we purchased, and just offered an overall smooth experience from start to finish. Those are the qualities we appreciate, so we feel very comfortable recommending them to you!

28650 Telegraph Rd, Southfield, MI
When our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Southfield area ask where they should go for their home improvement, home renovation, or home repair needs, we always steer them toward Lowe’s or Home Depot (below), on Telegraph and Southfield Roads, respectively. Either one will serve your needs very well, offering everything from hardware to plumbing, from lumber to appliances, from lighting to truck rentals. We’ve been particularly impressed with this Lowe’s location because of their very friendly customer service and the fact that you never have to wait in a long line to pay and get going. The staff really knows their stuff too, so if you have a question about a project you’re working on, you can hit them up for an answer that will really get you moving in the right direction. Highly recommended!

Home Depot
29801 Southfield Rd, Southfield, MI
As we said in the above review of Lowe’s, Home Depot is Metro Detroit Tree Service’s other go-to out here in the Southfield area, and we highly recommend it to our customers out here, as well as to our friends and family. We’ve utilized their products and services for both professional needs and for personal ones, when renovating or repairing our own homes, so we feel beyond comfortable recommending them on that basis. We generally feel that Home Depot is a little more geared toward contractors than residential customers, but there’s still no reason that you can’t rely on them for your own home-based DIY type projects. They have everything you could ever possibly desire, including appliances, lighting, plumbing supplies, hardware supplies, and even truck rentals. Very trustworthy company.

Beverly Hills Ace Hardware
17670 W 13 Mile Rd, Beverly Hills, MI
If you’re looking for a smaller local establishment that will meet your needs, but that is still part of a chain establishment so that you have that guaranteed consistency, look no further than Beverly Hills Ace Hardware. Located conveniently in The Corners Shopping Center, this is a beloved stop on any home improvement lover’s route, just a great place to stop in and get some excellent advice plus the products that you need to make your project an absolute success. They have a very friendly staff here who really goes out of their way to take good care of you, and they can find whatever products you are looking for in two seconds flat. Very knowledgeable, very attentive. And prices that simply cannot be beat! If you’re a Metro Detroit Tree Service customer in Southfield looking for a great home repair store, this is it.

Durst Lumber & Ace Hardware
2450 W 11 Mile Rd, Berkley, MI
Durst Lumber & Ace Hardware is another Ace location and lumber supplier that we really know and trust out here in the Southfield area. Conveniently located on 11 Mile Road, this one has quite generous hours compared to most other smaller places, which we appreciate. They’re open 8-9 most days, with Sunday being the only day that’s shorter, from 9-4. Very convenient if you’re trying to get there after work on a weekday. We appreciate the fact that this one’s family owned and operated, and the old fashioned service makes it well worth paying a tiny bit more than you’d pay at, say, Home Depot or Lowe’s. The amazing array of products that they carry here is beyond outstanding, and you could spend a full day just browsing the aisles if you had the time! A top Metro Detroit Tree Service recommendation in Southfield.