Southgate Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Southgate's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We're the number one source for the best tree trimming in Southgate! We offer not just Southgate tree trimming, but also Southgate tree pruning, Southgate tree removal service, and Southgate stump grinding. Your area is one of our favorite to work in, filled with lush trees that need our tender loving care! We love treating both your trees and shrubs to our expert pruning, keeping them healthy and prepared for further healthy growth. We'd love to come out to your property and give it a look, and to provide you with a free estimate for the work that you need done. Please take a look at our standard services below and give us a call even if you require something quite different!

Southgate Tree Trimming: Our tree trimming service is the way to get your trees and shrubs from overgrown to overwhelmingly beautiful! Or if you're just needing to switch to a new tree trimming company, we're here to fulfill that need. A simple service that's easy to schedule.

Southgate Tree Pruning: Tree pruning is a more frequent service, performed on a regular basis, and this can also be done for your shrubs. This is the kind of service you'll want to order when you want to keep your trees and shrubs looking as flawless as possible all year round.

Southgate Stump Grinding: Our tree removal and stump grinding service is always available too, so whether you've got sick trees, dead trees, or just trees that are located where you don't want them, we're the company you'll want to call. Stump removal is offered as a separate standalone service when needed.

Southgate Tree Service: Our emergency services are something you'll be relieved to have access to when the storms rage through in the middle of the night. That's right, we're here 24/7 for you when you need us. Don't risk further property damage by waiting too long to call.

Booking your Southgate tree service is as easy as placing a quick call or sending us an email. Our reps are waiting to take your call and get you set up with a free estimate! What happens with that is that our tree servicers will come out and take a look at your property to determine the exact cost of the work that you need done. You'll get a comprehensive price quote with no hidden fees tacked on later, and you have no obligation to do business with us, so you can compare prices if you like. We're confident that you'll choose us and allow us to deliver the quality that you're seeking!

Additionally, we would like to recommend a few Southgate area home improvement stores in case you need them for any of your own DIY work either inside or outside of your home. These companies are the ones that we visit when we're working in your area and they have always taken really excellent care of us. Great prices too, so whatever you're looking for, you know it won't break the bank. And the staff is so friendly at all of these as well. Check them out!

16410 Trenton Rd, Southgate, MI
Lowe’s is the go-to for all Southgate residents, so when our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers who live in that area ask us what the best home improvement retailer around is, we always steer them there! Plus, we love the convenient location, sort of sandwiched between Southgate, Wyandotte, and Riverview, making it convenient for so many Downriver residents. Lowe’s is so huge at this point that they are beginning to rival Home Depot, and their aisles are just as well stocked and their associates are just as knowledgeable. They are known for having an excellent selection of appliances and we highly recommend them for their truck rentals. One of the major perks is that they open so early and close so late, so even if you work crazy hours, you can likely find a time to get in there and get what you need!

Jerry’s Ace Hardware
2245 Fort St, Wyandotte, MI
Jerry’s Ace Hardware is such a classic out here in the Southgate and Downriver area. So many local residents have come to rely on Ace hardware stores, and this one’s no exception to that rule of quality and reliability. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Jerry’s Ace Hardware is a huge selection of hardware and household tools. Whether you’re fixing something really old and unique or something very modern and mass-produced, they are sure to have the precise piece that you need to get that beloved item working again. And since they do have such an excellent array of tools here, it’s the idea place to replace any special hardware, perhaps family heirlooms, that have just passed their prime or finally got broken under the wear and tear of frequent use. Very helpful staff and great location.

14441 Eureka Rd, Southgate, MI
ACO is another hardware store, this one located right within Southgate city limits, that so many Downriver residents love. All of us at Metro Detroit Tree Service love it too and we have relied on it many times during our Southgate/Downriver projects. They always have awesome deals going on at any given time, so you can really rack up some serious savings if you shop smartly here. The staff is particularly nice here, and they really do know their stuff, so if you’re looking for something really obscure, don’t be afraid to ask for their assistance. They’ll be able to locate it for you. They’ve got all the old fashioned stuff here that’s hard to find at Lowe’s or Home Depot, like plastic tarps, wind chimes, storage bins, and even holiday decorations. Don’t overlook this little local gem, it’s a definite winner!

Hood’s Do-It Best
1844 Ford Ave, Wyandotte, MI
And finally we come to Hood’s, technically located in nearby Wyandotte but it’s so close we might as well call it Southgate! Our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers LOVE this place, and it’s not just for the hardware! Hood’s Do-It Best is a beautiful store from top to bottom. They have all the hardware and equipment that you need, but they also have a beautiful gift department and even a Yankee Candle store within the premises. Can you believe that? And they have a nice LED sign out front that keeps the neighborhood abreast of all the current sales and specials, which is a major perk in our opinion! They always have lots of deals on Scott’s products as well as on those irresistible Yankee Candles. Take a look at their deals and prices and their wonderful service, and you will likely stick with Hood’s as your go-to!