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Sumpter's full tree care service!

Welcome! Metro Detroit Tree Service is a premier tree service company! Taking great care of your trees and shrubs whenever you need us. We offer tree pruning, tree removal service, stump grinding, and tree trimming. We'd be so thrilled to take care of your trees and shrubs (we are also oak trees specialists). We are the right team, whether it's one of the above services or even emergency services when the weather is rough. There's no reason to risk further property damage! Call us right away when things look bad. We are here to take your calls 24 hours a day, and we can provide a tree service on an urgent basis whenever necessary. We're here to take care of all the greenery on your property, and we just can't wait to do so!

How to get a perfect front yard with oak trees? Tree Trimming is the answer!

Trimming is fundamental to delivering tree care to your oaks or other trees. To get your yard pristine get one of our tree experts so we can inject a dose of health. When you need to spruce up your trees after many years of ignoring their overgrowth, our tree trimming service is what you'll want to set up. It's also great to note that we also offer shrub trimming! All the green on your property will make your neighbor's eyes green with envy!

Sumpter Tree Pruning

When you're seeking a more regular type of maintenance, you'll want to call and ask about our tree pruning and shrub pruning services. We offer this affordably and on a schedule that our Sumpter customers prefer. Your trees and shrubs will look amazing all year round.

Do you need some oak trees removed? We have a tree removal service for you!

We are conscious that dealing with an oak disease is not easy, and the best practice sometimes is to remove it. If you've got any sick, dying, or dead trees on your property, or even just an ugly stump that you're tired of looking at, give us a call! We offer both removal service and stump elimination service, either together or separately.

Sumpter's emergency all year tree service!

As mentioned above, we're also here for your emergency services 24 hours a day. Whether a heavy tree limb is struck by lightning and threatens to fall on your home or cars, or whether something else unexpected happens that needs immediate attention, we're here for you.

All you've got to do to get the ball rolling on your Sumpter tree service is to dial us up on the phone or send us an email. We'll make arrangements to come out to your property and get a good look at your trees and shrubs, and Metro Detroit Tree Service will give you a free price quote with zero obligation for you to choose us. You're more than welcome to get other price quotes and compare prices if you wish. We're confident that you'll choose our services based on both our competitive pricing and our outstanding quality. We believe we're the best at what we do and we look forward to demonstrating that to you! We deliver all of our tree services for a fair price! As we mentioned, we have mastered oaks, so if there is salvation for the oak disease, we will provide it.

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