Sylvan Lake Home Improvement Stores

1801 S Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI
There’s no question that Lowe’s is a very reliable place to go for all your home improvement and home repair needs, and if you happen to be a Metro Detroit Tree Service customer in the Sylvan Lake area, we’ll always point you to this nearby location in Bloomfield Hills. They’ve treated us with nothing but the utmost respect and care when we have relied on them for our professional needs, and we’ve heard nothing but positive things about the service they have given both our residential and commercial customers too. This chain of stores is definitely giving Home Depot a run for their money, even though the latter still holds the title as the world’s largest home improvement retailer. We’d say they are pretty comparable in terms of price, quality, and service, so take your pick. We recommend them both very highly.

Home Depot
545 S Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI
Home Depot, as we said above, is an incredibly competent chain of stores that will meet all of your home improvement needs in a heartbeat. One-stop shopping, no question about it! And you can even rent a truck to take your haul home if you need to! Bam. It’s a home renovator’s dream. If that’s you, and if you’re a Metro Detroit Tree Service customer in the Sylvan Lake area, we’ll always steer you toward this convenient Home Depot location in nearby Pontiac. They, like Lowe’s above, have taken really good care of us professionally, and we’ve also heard from both our residential and commercial customers that they have had nothing but excellent service here. They’ve got all the hardware supplies you could ever need, a more than adequate lumber selection, great plumbing supplies, appliances… we could go on and on!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3271 South Blvd, Auburn Hills, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware has been a top recommendation of Metro Detroit Tree Service for ages now, and that’s for a few reasons. Number one, they have locations all over southeast Michigan so that you can pretty much find one no matter what neck of the woods you’re from. Number two, they are a chain establishment, so you have that consistency that you enjoy, but they are also independently run, so you have that family-run feeling that you’re after. The Great Lakes family of stores is just about as good as it gets. Thirdly, we’ve had nothing but exceptional service, products, and prices from this chain of stores throughout the run of our business. So what reason is there not to include these guys on our list of recommendations for the Sylvan Lake area? After all, this nearby Auburn Hills location is beyond convenient for you!

Burke Lumber Do-It Center
4315 Dixie Hwy, Waterford, MI
Any Do-It Center gets a high recommendation from Metro Detroit Tree Service, but this one in nearby Waterford is just perfect for our Sylvan Lake area customers, and they offer lumber to boot. Now we’re talking. That familiar orange awning will always beckon you in, and even if you’re there just to pick up a couple of screws or a small tool, chances are that you’ll also leave with some gifts for your loved ones and maybe some seasonal lawn items to add to your outdoor décor. After all, they have such a widely varied selection of items and gifts here. It’s really a joy to walk through those doors and do a little shopping, and your generosity may get the best of you when you take a peek at those gifts! Who can resist spreading a little cheer, especially around the holidays? Definitely a top recommendation of ours!