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Welcome! We're so happy that you landed here website and home of our tree service company. Metro Detroit Tree Service proudly delivers a multitude of tree care services to our Sylvan Lake users, including tree pruning, tree removal services, stump grinding, and stump removal. Consequently, we are the right crew to get every single time you need a lawn care job. You can count on our support to fall apart disgusting tree stumps. Our stump grinding procedure will aid in getting some organic matter. We are eager to assist in whichever project you have in mind landscape related. Metro Detroit Tree Service has achieved its outstanding service after several years of experience. Metro Detroit Tree Service loves to make accessible all our tree services and has the option to get a free consultation. Our fair pricing will blow your mind!

Discovering our tree trimming services in Sylvan Lake, MI!

Tree trimming is our standard tree care service, typically our introduction to our new customers. This is where we come to get the green palls on your property (trees and shrubs) spruced up. We want everyones' greenery to look its very best! It is possible to get a free estimate regarding our trimming services if that's what you need. The results you get with our trimming tree services are utopian, your shrubs or trees will be thankful!

Keep everything perfect with our professional Tree Pruning service in Sylvan Lake, MI!

Our tree trimming service is what we offer on a regular basis to keep your trees looking mind-blowingly beautiful! We'll come out on a schedule with the best lawn care experts for your needs and at a price that fits that won't injure your bank account.

Tree removal, stump grinding, and stump removal services in Sylvan Lake!

There are times when a tree can no longer be on your property due to sickness or a new building. Trees are also mortal beings, and sometimes they are like zombies, they look alive but are dead. If your eye is trained to recognize dead trees, you will know when it is time for our removal services. If you do not, keeping your yard healthy with a professional is crucial to spot them before they hurt your house or, worst, your family. We offer a tree removal pack compromising the stump removal. However, we are really flexible, and you can only get the stump removal if that is your wish.

Tree Services in case of emergency in Sylvan Lake, MI.

That's right, we're actually available to take your calls and provide service 24 hours a day during the whole year. Many customers keep our number in their contacts for ease of reaching us when those moments arrive! You just never know, but we're always ready. We're always here to take care of storm damage when winter months hit!

It's super easy to book your service in Sylvan Lake with us! It begins with a phone call and an appointment for a free price quote! Our staff will come out and take a peek at what you need to be delivered. We will also write a detailed free quote that has no hidden fees or nasty surprises! We're competitively priced, so we don't mind if you compare prices. We're confident you'll choose us, and we hope you'll even recommend us to your neighbors and friends when you're satisfied with our work. We pride ourselves on excellent shrub and tree care and can't wait to prove our quality to you.

Do not forget that you can set up a session for our lawn care and tree services if you live in Lake Orion, Rochester Hills, Walled Lake, Royal Oak, or Bloomfield Hills.

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