Van Buren Home Improvement Stores

Home Depot
45900 Michigan Ave, Canton, MI
Home Depot always gets a top recommendation from Metro Detroit Tree Service, and for our customers in the Van Buren area, this one in nearby Canton is an easy choice. As the world’s largest home improvement retailer, you’d be hard pressed to find a better place for your hardware, appliances, new home fixtures like toilets and bathtubs, and even truck rentals! They really do have it all. The prices are extremely competitive since they’re the largest, and with these stores being as large as they are, you can definitely get every single thing that you want, all in one place. One-stop shopping in the strictest sense of the phrase! Can’t complain about that! Metro Detroit Tree Service relies on this one when we’re in Van Buren, for sure, and so do many of our customers for their residential improvement projects.

Sumpter Ace Hardware
19500 Sumpter Rd, Belleville, MI
Sumpter Ace Hardware offers you a more old fashioned hardware shopping experience. You can beat the crowds and get in and out much faster here, and they have a much more specialized selection of tools and hardware that’s great for both older obscure projects and modern exciting ones. The fact that this is still a chain retailer gives them the advantage in pricing and in consistency, but the fact that the stores are individually run by families or independent operators really adds to that old fashioned shopping experience that we already mentioned. The hours are a little less long here, generally 8-8, and 9-6 on Saturdays and 9-5 on Sundays, but it’s worth making the effort to get there when they’re open, because they do indeed offer an unparalleled hardware store experience. Great selection of tools.

44080 Ford Rd, Canton, MI
Lowe’s is an easy go-to when it comes to home improvement projects, and we tend to think of this one as more of a DIYer’s dream, rather than the kind of a place that a contractor would rely on, though our crew at Metro Detroit Tree Service has certainly relied on it many times when we’re working on projects in the Van Buren area. They have a really great array of appliances for you to browse, and their gardening area is superbly well stocked too. They offer the greatest brands here, and therefore the greatest warranties too. As with all the large home improvement retailers, they’re open earlier and later than the smaller guys, and that of course is a major perk. Their truck rentals are very affordable and the vehicles are super reliable, so that’s another reason to recommend this one. Very conveniently located too.

Home Depot
39825 Ford Rd, Canton, MI
We went ahead and threw another Home Depot location on our list for the Van Buren area, because this one is very convenient located too. If you didn’t read the review above, you may not know that Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the world or that they offer such an impressive selection of home fixtures like toilets, showers, and bathtubs, that they have such great lumber and plumbing sections, or that they have an unbeatable appliance selection for you to browse, which includes washers, dryers, refrigerators, and more. And with the best brands come the best warranties, a major perk of shopping at Home Depot, regardless of which location you may choose. Again, very early and late hours here, so if you need to get in and out before or after work, this is a smart bet for you!