Walled Lake Home Improvement Stores

2745 W Maple Rd, Commerce, MI
When Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Walled Lake area ask us where to go for the best home improvement products and services, we tend to point them to Lowe’s in nearby Commerce. We feel that they’re a little more DIY or residentially geared than Home Depot is, though both are equal in terms of quality, service, and selection, so you can more or less take your pick. This Lowe’s has been good to us when we’ve needed to pick up last minute items for special projects in the Walled Lake area, and we’ve heard from our customers in this area (both commercial and residential) that they have taken good care of them too. We’re particularly impressed with their lumber selection and their truck rentals, so if you’re in need of either of those, we recommend them highly! Affordable truck rentals too.

Home Depot
355 Haggerty, Commerce, MI
Like Lowe’s, Home Depot delivers a consistent and enjoyable home improvement shopping experience time after time. This one in nearby Commerce is just perfect for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Walled Lake area, again, whether residential or commercial. The world’s largest home improvement retailer is known for always having the best selection of products, but did you know that they also offer free classes on a regular basis? Sign up with a good buddy or maybe even with your sweetie, and bond over some brand new project that you never dreamed you’d even try. It can really be lots of fun! The staff here is super helpful when you do need a question answered, and they know the precise location of every item in the store, so they can help you find it in a flash if you’re in a hurry.

Commerce Ace Hardware
3050 Union Lake Rd, Commerce, MI
Metro Detroit Tree Service has been big fans of all the Ace locations for many years now, even in the decades before our business began. They’ve always supplied such great products at such affordable prices, and with it being a chain establishment, you still get consistency from store to store, but with a family-run touch at each individual location, because they are in fact owned and operated by independent people or families. That really makes all the difference in the world. It gives you the modern-day convenience of a chain store but the old fashioned feeling of a neighborhood hardware store. Who doesn’t love that? It’s a whole different world than Lowe’s or Home Depot and we definitely enjoy it. Each has their place and their space, but Ace locations clearly have a special spot in our hearts.

27600 Novi Rd, Novi, MI
You don’t hear as much about Sears as you used to back in the day, but they are still going just as strong as ever. This location at Twelve Oaks Mall is fantastically located for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in Walled Lake. They have their auto department, their amazing appliance selection, and of course their unparalleled repair services and the outstanding guarantees that make that happen. There’s a reason that Sears is still going strong after so many decades in business, and we’re always happy to support them with a few of our hard-earned dollars whenever we get the chance. Their guarantees and repair service are second to none, and their famous brands like Kenmore and Craftsman are just as good as it gets. If you need to replace a tool, always replace it with a Craftsman. No question.