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Professional tree care and lawn maintenance services!

Hello there, tree friend! We are famous across Oakland County due to our tree services results. We offer a bunch of tree services to offer the best tree care to your land. Everyone in the surrounding areas can state we are a superb tree company. Your tree limbs can get some dose of love without tree trimming procedures, and you can extend those results with our tree pruning services. We are the right crew if you require a reliable tree services company to transform your greenery! Our well trained experts' combined experience is here to satisfy any customer needs. Customer satisfaction is our last name, so we only work with the best certified arborists and the best products! If you have a dangerous tree in your yard, we are the best at carefully removing trees. Metro Detroit Tree Service's team comprises the best certified arborist! We also offer emergency tree services so we can be your heroes! We guarantee quality and a great price, actually the best price! You will tell once we gift you with a free estimate. Contact our Walled Lake tree service office team to get that price quote!

Affordable tree trimming services for residential and commercial properties in Walled Lake!

Nothing can be compared to the feeling of seeing great trees and shrubs on your property. It is really gratifying to see healthy trees decorating your property. That amazing sensation can be achieved with our tree trimming services. When you get our tree care experts to trim trees in your front yard, you are also acquiring years of knowledge. As human viruses, trees' infections evolve and develop different symptoms. Due to that, we keep our team in training to properly identify them. You can get the best version of your trees with our tree trimming masters! You can keep its best version with a prune session. Our shrub or tree pruning service can be scheduled via phone on a regular basis. Show the neighborhood what curb appeal looks like by hiring us! Obtain one of our free estimates so you can know more about our costs.

Stump Grinding and tree removal services in Walled Lake.

Once in a while, you may need a tree removal service. To avoid property damage, to prevent further fungus spread, or to be able to continue with your construction project. No matter the reason for the tree removal, Metro Detroit Tree Service has an expert to perform it. If you have an unstable tree that is about to fall on your power lines, it is better to get a tree removal service than an emergency tree service.

If you have an old stump on your property and you're tired of looking at it, we have the tools so you can get a stump removal service to say goodbye to it. You can profit from your stump grinding to get some firewood to keep you warm. Our tree removal services are great when you want to fix an old property to sell it. No other tree company offers such a fair rate to get trees removed. We gift those who call with free estimates, so go ahead!

Walled Lake tree service when you are in an emergency!

Emergency tree services are available for you no matter the day or time! Around the clock, All week long. Metro Detroit Tree Service has a hard working team for you in case of dangerous trees due to storms. Our tree company experts undertake continuous training. Thus, aiming to be able to offer quick and effective help for emergency services. If you got a tree over your power lines, we would pull it out with extreme care to vanish danger! Do not doubt about calling Metro Detroit Tree Service to save you!

Our tree company aims doing business with you will be a pleasure. It is no matter if you are at Commerce Township, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, or other surrounding areas, Metro Detroit Tree Service can aid! Our affordable tree services are available in all Oakland County. Our highly skilled crew is waiting for your call!

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