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Hi! We're so excited that you're visiting our site! You are a wise person if you are considering getting us to do your tree services needs. We'll be pleased to add you to our top tree passionate circle. Metro Detroit Tree Service is a tree trimming service provider, so you can get us to trim trees or for some bush trimming. We offer stump removal services and stump grinding so you can finally see your yard free of tree stumps; Metro Detroit Tree Service is a tree removal master! We have a team that will provide assistance during winter, as well, with our snow removal services, so you can freely move in and out of your property. You can also get our certified arborists to do tree removal processes. If you are in need of some lot clearing, Metro Detroit Tree Service can also look after you. Join our top tree care community! You can get some free estimates with our affordable rates if you communicate with a simple call!

We trim trees to offer inner health and external beauty in Wayne, MI.

We offer tree trimming services to aid everyone in getting strong petit or large trees! That is the quid of the subject, healthy and strong trees as a result of a well-performed tree trimming session. We highly recommend getting our professionals so you get great work on your bushes and trees. Give your greenery a tree trimming gift so it can do photosynthesis properly. After tree trimming your greenery, weak and sick branches will stop stilling nutrients from the neonates. This is also a reminder to avoid getting people chopping just your trees' crown (just cutting the top tree). When you chop your top tree without checking your tree branches, you promote weak limbs that can easily fly if the wind blows. There's no reason to worry about top tree chopping with us. We are here to clean green things up and generate strength with our tree care strategies. Transform your normal tree into a Top tree!

Tree trimming is such a good medicine and tree care treatment to prevent emergency removal. Would you like to set up a visit to get our tree trimming services? With a call or an email, it is super easy! How much would it be to get a tree trimming expert? You can know by calling and getting our fair free estimates.

Once you fall in love with our branch removal tree trimming results, you can set a more regular visit to get some tree pruning. So your front yard never looks neglected again.

Check our tree removal, stump grinding and stump removal methods!

We take great pride in our certified arborists' excellent job transforming your trees. Nonetheless, from time to time, even small trees and shrubs need a tree removal service. There are several ways to perform tree removal and select the correct one; there are some facts to take into account. So Metro Detroit Tree Service will have to know about the tree location and size details, so we can pick the right tools to do the tree removal. If it is a huge tree with a difficult location, the tree removal may need a crane to be done safely. If there are no power lines around or buildings, and the truck diameter is not so thick, we may practice climbing to do the tree removal. We have the option to get the tree removal with the stump grinding included, but if you require just a stump removal process, we offer it too. Again, according to the stump diameter, we can have a manual stump removal or one needing a grinding machine. You can also hire our quality work team to get wood chips or some firewood with our tree removal bundle.

Please remember that stump removal is also a tree care affirmation, as stumps can be home to pests, which can harm your greenery. Do not worry about the stump removal or stump grinding method that fits your requirements. Our team does a great job determining it while offering a free estimate.

Call us, Metro Detroit Tree Service, if you have greenery on your power lines!

Our quality services involve emergencies too. You can get Metro Detroit Tree Service without worrying about the time or date. Our team will get there asap to remove and fix anything threatening you or your property. Do not hesitate to call; we will take care of that tree limb stuck on your power lines. Metro Detroit Tree Service also does emergency tree removal to bring peace back to your soul.

We provide service for those in Wayne County but also for Garden City, Farmington Hills, and Westland, MI, inhabitants. We work quickly, so you can get the job done on the same day*. Do not miss the chance to discover our tree services(tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and all tree care related tasks) and reach out to obtain a free estimate.

*According to the lot size and amount of trees.

No matter how many tree services you need, you can always get a free estimate!

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