Wolverine Lake Tree Removal, Trimming, Pruning & Stump Grinding

Wolverine Lake's full service tree maintenance!
Welcome! We are a full-service tree maintenance company located in the Wolverine Lake area, so convenient for you. We offer a huge array of services, with our main most frequently offered ones being Wolverine Lake tree trimming, Wolverine Lake tree pruning, Wolverine Lake tree removal services, and Wolverine Lake stump grinding. We'd be so thrilled to take care of whatever tree and shrub projects you have in mind, offering you the highest possible quality tree and shrub care that you could ever envision. You can call us today for a free price quote and we'll schedule an appointment to come out and take a look. We'd love to hear from you!

Wolverine Lake Tree Trimming: Tree trimming is what we consider a one-time service where we come out to your Wolverine Lake property and spruce things up to their former glory. It's completely understandable if you've ignored your trees and shrubs for a while. Everyone does this and it is our job to take care of it for you!

Wolverine Lake Tree Pruning: Tree pruning is more of a regularly scheduled service where we come out and provide specialized trimming that results in healthier and more beautiful looking trees. This ensures that your trees and shrubs look absolutely fantastic year-round.

Wolverine Lake Stump Grinding: We also offer tree removal and stump grinding in the Wolverine Lake area whenever you need it. Though we love to preserve your trees in the most pristine state, sometimes removal is just necessary and we will make it easy for you.

Wolverine Lake Tree Service: We also offer emergency services on a 24-hour basis whenever you need them. This is typically taken advantage of when a storm rips through and causes damage from lightning or high winds. Waiting too long to call can result in even more serious property damage. We're here even on holidays, so please give us a call.

We're fully dedicated to the highest quality customer service that you could ever imagine. From our in-office staff to our on-road staff, we hire only the finest and most professional people that you'll ever meet. It's a joy serving our customers and bringing your trees and shrubs back to the state of beauty that you really want to see them in. We take a lot of pride and pleasure in our job. It's our hope that you'll have that same feeling after we perform the work that you require. Just look at those beautiful trees, inhale the fresh air, and feel fantastic about it. Isn't it just the best?

In addition to everything above, we would like to mention a few of our favorite home improvement stores in the Wolverine Lake area. The reason we're recommending these is because we visited them several times when we were doing business in your area. Everybody needs some tools or equipment sometimes to complete various jobs at their home or in their yard. These are the ones that we feel the most comfortable recommending to you based on pricing and on their level of customer service. Check them out next time you go shopping!

27600 Novi Rd, Novi, MI
Located within nearby Twelve Oaks Mall, Sears is always a go-to for any Wolverine Lake area home owner or business owner who wants to purchase major appliances with an incredible guarantee and repair service! That’s why Metro Detroit Tree Service never hesitates to recommend this Sears location when our customers ask who we recommend. They’ve taken excellent care of our needs when in this area, working on tree service jobs in Wolverine Lake, and we know they will do the same for you. And it’s not just about appliances and appliance repair, either! They also have an auto repair center that will put all others to shame. There’s a reason that the Sears brand is so trusted after so many decades, including their familiar brands of Craftsman and Kenmore. Quality, quality, quality. A top recommendation.

2745 W Maple Rd, Commerce, MI
Lowe’s will serve all of your home improvement needs very well, and if you’re a Metro Detroit Tree Service customer in the Wolverine Lake area, we’ll always steer you toward this convenient location on West Maple. You’ll notice that we’ve also recommended Home Depot below, and we’d like to note that both are very similar, with Lowe’s being a tad more meant for the DIYer or residential customer, and Home Depot being a bit more comfortable for the commercial customer or contractor. Having said that, after having shopped extensively at both stores for both business and personal needs, we feel that they offer very comparable quality in every area, from products to prices to services. So you might just take your pick based on convenience of location from your home or work! Wonderful customer service at this Maple Road location!

Home Depot
355 Haggerty, Commerce, MI
If you read our review of Lowe’s above, you noted that we feel that Home Depot is a little more suited to the commercial customer or contractor, but again, very comparable quality, services, and prices at both, so you may just want to make your choice based on the convenience of the location. Having said that, Home Depot has taken excellent care of both our professional and personal needs here, both for our Metro Detroit Tree Service business in the Wolverine Lake area, and for our personal home repair and home renovation needs. Our crew has definitely done its fair share of home repair and home improvement in their off hours! And Home Depot has served us very well. Of this particular location, we can say that their customer service is exceptional, and their truck rentals are very convenient too!

Commerce Ace Hardware
3050 Union Lake Rd, Commerce, MI
Metro Detroit Tree Service will always be quick to recommend any Ace Hardware location, but this Commerce Ace Hardware has really been good to us, so they get a particularly high recommendation, and thereby, a spot on this page! What we love about Ace is that they combine the consistency of a corporate chain establishment with the quality and personalized service of a neighborhood hardware store, and that is definitely true of this Union Lake Road location in nearby Commerce. It’s very convenient for our Wolverine Lake area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers, and there’s no reason that we’d hesitate to recommend them to you. Very friendly staff, very convenient location, awesome pricing, and just one of the most fun and friendly hardware shopping experiences we’ve had. Love it!