Woodhaven Home Improvement Stores

Home Depot
23300 W Allen Rd, Woodhaven, MI
When you’re working on a home improvement project and you want to be able to get everything that you need in one place, Home Depot is always going to be your first choice. After all, they are the largest home improvement retailer in the world, both in sheer size of their locations and number! No one can really compete with these guys, though we’d say that Lowe’s comes pretty darn close. They stock everything under the sun, including plumbing, lumber, appliances, lighting, gardening supplies, equipment, summer BBQ items, and so much more. And of course they’ve got the famous hot dogs when you enter the store! Those are a must-have, especially if you have kids tagging along. Super long hours so you can shop before or after work, saving you time and hassle. Excellent customer service here.

21000 West Rd, Woodhaven, MI
Another favorite for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers in the Downriver and Woodhaven area is Lowe’s. This one’s located on West Road, and it is a real winner. We’ve always said that Lowe’s is a little more geared toward the DIY customer, where Home Depot is a little more geared toward the contractor. That gives you a good idea of the difference between the two. But for the most part, that comes down to design and service. The items that they stock are of similar high quality and the customer service is always top notch. Something we forgot to mention in our above mini-review of Home Depot is that they offer affordable truck rentals too, and that is also true of Lowe’s. Definitely a great reason to take advantage of their awesome service. Very early and late hours here, as well!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3080 Van Horn Rd, Trenton, MI
This definitely isn’t the first time that Metro Detroit Tree Service has recommended a Great Lakes Ace Hardware location to our customers! This one in the Woodhaven area, technically located in nearby Trenton, is an absolute essential. These are chain establishments but they are independently run, which means that you can count on the consistency of a chain and the high quality service of an independent hardware store. We really appreciate that and we know you do too. They stock a lot of home repair products and tools here, and so it’s a great place to stock up on things that you’re running low on, or to pick up a tool to replace that beloved one that finally broke after so many years of use. The staff is really excellent here too, and they’ll be happy to help you find whatever it is that you may need.

Keck Do-It Best Hardware
2132 West Rd, Trenton, MI
Keck Do-It Best Hardware, with that familiar orange awning, really is a classic for our Woodhaven and Trenton area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. If you grew up in the Downriver area, this was likely a frequent visit for you, and it probably holds some special memories. If you didn’t, then it’s about time that you check it out! We’re talking about truly old fashioned service in a clean and friendly store that’s so inviting and welcoming. You’ll really feel like family while you’re there. They keep everything in stock and they have a lot of unique and unusual items, including gift items, that you will not find at other local hardware stores. The staff is just excellent here and will take you straight to the item that you’re looking for, and on the off chance that they don’t have what you need, they’ll order it in two seconds flat!