Wyandotte Home Improvement Stores

Hood’s Do-It Best Hardware
1844 Ford Ave, Wyandotte, MI
Hood’s Do-It Best Hardware has always been Metro Detroit Tree Service’s favorite hardware store in the Wyandotte area. You just aren’t going to find anyplace else like this around here. Not only do they offer excellent hardware and equipment, but they always have great deals on Scott’s products for your lawn, and they also have an incredible Yankee Candle selection in their store, not to mention an amazing selection of gifts. Like we said, it’s just not your typical hardware store! It’s a neighborhood favorite, and thanks to that LED sign out front, you can always see what’s on sale and what’s on special. The people who work here are super friendly and will help you find whatever you need, whether it’s a special item for that plumbing project or a special gift for your significant other. What a unique hardware store!

Jerry’s Ace Hardware
2245 Fort St, Wyandotte, MI
Jerry’s Ace Hardware is an easy go-to out here in the Wyandotte area for our Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. It’s been going strong for so many years now, and we just think it’s one of the absolute best. All the Ace locations are part of a chain of course, but they are individually run, often by families, and that’s what sets them apart from all the other places out there. It really gives them an old fashioned feel, and yet they have all the modern conveniences and items that you expect and require. It’s the best of both worlds under one roof. The hours are a little limited here, from 9-6 most days and 10-5 on Sundays, but that’s not too bad. Best known for their awesome stock of household tools, they will definitely have what you’re looking for here and they’ll know to take you straight to it, zero hassle!

16410 Trenton Rd, Southgate, MI
If you’re looking for the one-stop shopping of a huge home improvement retailer, Lowe’s will take good care of you every time. There’s one very conveniently located for our Wyandotte area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers, actually located in nearby Southgate, but it’s right on the edge of Wyandotte so it’s not a far drive at all. It’s conveniently located amongst many other popular destinations too, like Meijer. If you’re looking for any kind of home improvement supplies or gardening supplies, this is definitely your spot. It’s a DIY-er’s dream! The plumbing and lumber sections are always well-manned and well-stocked, and the service here is just impeccable. Clean and organized setting, great shopping experience, and everything you could ever desire under one roof. We can’t complain about anything here!

Great Lakes Ace Hardware
3584 Fort St, Lincoln Park, MI
Great Lakes Ace Hardware is a little further away but still quite convenient, located in nearby Lincoln park for our Wyandotte area Metro Detroit Tree Service customers. If you’ve looked at any of our other service area pages, you know that Metro Detroit Tree Service is a big fan of any Ace location, but in particular, we love the Great Lakes Ace Hardware locations. They are just of the highest quality and consistency, and we really appreciate that. They’ve taken care of us so many times when we need last minute items for our tree projects in your area. Their household tools selection is beyond superb and we love all their spring and summer gardening items that are so much fun when the weather starts warming up and you want to get prepared for those summer barbecues by the pool. Wonderful staff here, as well.